What could be better than relaxing on the coast of the Ligurian Sea?In Italy, focused a lot of different attractions that are interesting in their own way, they are not equal to find anywhere else.San Remo - one of the most beautiful cities in the country.It is located by the sea, it is considered one of the most expensive and popular resorts.Especially beautiful city at night.Long ago, members of royal families, nobles and aristocrats came to enjoy the indescribable scenery and atmosphere of the resort.It

Italy, San Remo is famous for its unique seating.The city often hosts competitions and festivals world-wide, as well as festivals, car racing, fighting, and more.One of the distinguishing features of this place is an annual flower fair.This is where you can see rare species of plants, some of which are grown in the private sector.Italy (Sanremo in particular) is full of castles, palaces and buildings.Against this background, various competitions, fashion shows and other events seem to be more succe

ssful and bright.

Italian resort became popular in the nineteenth century.Then the San Remo did not stop, day or night.Since then, every tourist wanted to visit the "city of lights".The most popular Sanremo Casino, as well as old neighborhoods and picturesque streets.In the city you can see many houses of prominent personalities.It is best to move around the resort on foot, as it is small in size, and those wishing to visit it very much.San Remo (Italy), which reviews the positive and colorful, famous for its many boutiques, lively parks, gardens, restaurants, azure beaches.In this regard, every traveler can find something to do for taste: rest in a relaxed atmosphere or violent entertainment from morning till night.The city is often possible to get to the next holiday or a fashion show, as well as sailing regattas, rowing competitions and tennis tournaments.

Italy (San Remo - the most popular and expensive resort in the country) is known for its unsurpassed cuisine and friendly people.In many cities you can visit the wonderful beaches.For example, in San Remo, you can visit the pebble coast, soak in specially equipped places to visit and interesting tours.Tourists should definitely admire the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which was opened in 1913.The building is decorated with stone carvings, tiles and other decorative elements.In any shop sells maps of San Remo (Italy), on which you can easily navigate and get to the desired location.

If the trip is planned for a beach holiday, it is best to go to the resort in July and August.In the off-season, you can visit a variety of excursions and walking (of course, this is best done in the company of a guide).Italy (Sanremo), even in the winter is warm and wonderful.Basically, the temperature does not drop below the thirteen degrees Celsius.This is a great choice for a winter holiday for residents of Russia, Ukraine and the more northern countries.