Alanya, Turkey - lift the veil of history!

Turkey - a country of famous resorts, one of which - Alania.This beautiful city is located on the southern coast of Anatolia, on the edge of the cape, impressively outstanding in the Mediterranean Sea and separates the two long sandy beaches.The picturesque town is located 120 km from Antalya and very little inferior to her size.

Alanya, Turkey.Interesting facts from the history of

city founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BCThey gave him the name Korakesion or, according to other sources, Korakekuessium.As Christianity spread in Turkey, Alanya became known Kolonores, which means "beautiful mountain."City wore status refuge of smugglers and pirates.Alanya (Turkey) has a stunning historical monument of this period in history - Pirate Fortress.Mark Antony in ancient times gave marvelous coast between Syria and Alan as a gift to his wife Cleopatra.According to ancient legend, the queen loved to swim in these waters, so the beach is her name.Alanya, Turkey is closely linked to the fate of St. Paul,

who was born in Tarsus.The city's history began in the reign of the Roman Empire, but during its heyday the present - time Seljuk dynasty.Then Alania became the winter residence and naval base sultan Aladdin Keykubat.

Alanya, Turkey.Attractions

There remained a sufficient number of monuments: fortresses, watch towers, churches.The climate is subtropical, pleasant enough.Therefore rest in Alanya, Turkey offers an interesting and comfortable.The symbol of the city - a great Seljuk Tower, built in 1231.Its walls are double, they are decorated about 150 towers.Covered Bazaar, ruins of mosques and a wonderful caravanserai can contemplate inside the outer walls.Within the interior walls of the well and is interesting to see the Byzantine fortress, whose length is about 8 km.Also, interesting to see in Alanya shipyard, docks and octagonal tower Kizil Kule height of 29 meters. It was erected in 1225 to protect the city from the frequent raids of invaders and pirates.Open and explore something new is possible, if you visit the cave Damlatas.Her age is 15 000 years.Humidity inside the cave is located at the level of 90-98%, the temperature about 23 C, stalactites and stalagmites hit its forms.Always worth a visit to the three sea grottoes: Kizlar Magarasi, Magara and Aziklar Magarasi.Not far away is a museum of archeology and ethnography.

Turkey, Alanya.Prices.Go shopping!

Alanya, Turkey, shopping - absolutely inseparable concepts.The resort really has everything you need for a wholesome, enjoyable and necessary purchases.The most popular among our compatriots enjoy locally made leather clothes, fur coats, genuine Turkish souvenirs, luxury jewelry.Sample prices for some products:

  • souvenir fridge magnets - $ 1 - $ 5;
  • hookahs souvenir - $ 15;
  • these hookahs - $ 20;
  • Turkish tea in bags - $ 10;
  • Turkish Delight - $ 1 - $ 8;
  • Turk for coffee - $ 10 - $ 16.

a nice trip!