Metro Station Marxist: Past and Present

Marxist underground station took its first passengers in the last days of December 1979.It was a kind of New Year's gift to Muscovites.It came into operation in the new subway line.The latter was built in the eastern part of the city to the station Novogireevo.The line is called "Kalinin" and has been designated in the diagram yellow.The construction was accelerated pace to top the Moscow Olympics.Metro Station Marxist in 1980 completed the Kalinin line.She became part of the interchange hub at the Taganka area, where Kalinin could go to Violet Metro or ring.No other interchange station first of all Kalinin line had.Interestingly, all the stops on it are made by individual architectural projects.This fact marks the definitive end of a certain period in the history of Soviet architecture, known as the fight against excesses.From this policy badly affected some Moscow metro station, being built in the sixties.

Metro Marxist

station is located on a rather great depth.It is devoid of ground entrance h

all, on the surface it is possible to go through the underpass under the Taganka Square.The station subway Marxist quite expressive in architectural terms.Structurally, it is designed as a trёhsvodchataya, column type.The interior is dominated by granite pink and red flowers.And geometric shapes and color palette two rows of columns effectively in harmony with the black stone plinth travel walls and gray trim station floor.In the axial direction the gray granite floor is decorated with red, made of the same material as ornamental accents.Recent resemble the contours of his carnation flowers.At the end of the room near the ceiling are two decorative panels.Their theme is traditional and is in the general context of the design solutions.It is given the name of the station.It is interesting to note that the metro does not come under the Marxist general wave of renaming when changing eras in the early nineties.

It has kept its name ideologically.Its place name is a kind of monument to a past age.In 1986 he ceased to be a Marxist metro terminus Kalinin line, which was extended to the Tretyakov now serving.But it remains one of the busiest on the entire Moscow metro in passenger traffic, passing through it every day.Projects for the construction of Kalinin line further revised several times.Currently, the decision is made.Construction is carried out in a westerly direction.

on the surface of the earth

Metro Station Marxist we go through the underpass on the eponymous street, and then we get on the famous Taganka Square and the Garden Ring.This is a very busy place in Moscow, a kind of crossroads of many routes and destinations.One of the centers of business and commercial activity and transfer hub to other transport modes.