Waterpark "Caribou" Perovo (Moscow)

It has been over a year since, both in Perovo, in the east of Moscow, opened a water park, "Caribou".Complexes of water rides of this kind are very popular all over the world.And Moscow is not an exception.This fact puts their creators and developers in a competitive environment.They have to constantly invent and reinvent something new to attract the attention of the public and constantly look back at what has been achieved previously in the design and construction of facilities such purpose.

Waterpark "Caribou": Testimonials and impressions visitors

After a year of successful operation of the complex water rides in Perovo is quite possible to draw some preliminary results of the project.The main thing that distinguishes the profitable water park "Caribou" is designed in the same style design of the project, combining an artistic way that is exotic Caribbean.Water Park creators taken into account international experience of designing such systems, and to take the best out of it.Everyone here can fin

d entertainment according to your taste.For thrill-seekers water park "Caribou" features several slides and high altitude complex spatial configuration.Even the names of some hills themselves promise to those who raised them, a good dose of adrenaline ("Free Fall," "black hole").The central element of the whole composition of the complex water rides is great wave pool, which runs from the end of the trajectory of gorok.V guests' disposal a spacious swimming pool with hydro-massage facilities and large spa baths.Of course, not forgotten the youngest guests, a water park for them, "Caribou" a separate splash pool with a small slide and a variety of floating toys.On the second floor there is a bath complex.There are several offices that correspond to the different national traditions in this area.It is Russian, Finnish, Roman and Japanese bath.At the water park, you can find additional services and entertainment: bowling, billiards, rooms with beauty and massage treatments.There are several catering kitchen with restaurant level.You can rent a banquet room for family and corporate events.In the summer, it can also be carried on the roof of the complex.

"Caribou", a water park: the price and mode of operation

functioning complex water rides in Perovo without weekends and holidays.For visitors it is accessible from ten in the morning until ten at night.The pricing policy is quite complex, and rates vary quite significantly.Full adult ticket for the entire twelve-hour day costs 2150 rubles per week and 3040 rubles on weekends.For children growing up to one and a half meters - 1,100 rubles to 2,000 rubles on weekdays and weekends.You can take a two-hour ticket, it will cost 800 rubles for adults and 465 rubles for children on weekdays.And, accordingly, 1130 rubles for adults and 800 rubles for children in the morning.Billing to six in the evening on Friday, comes at a price weekend.The children no taller than 120 centimeters have the opportunity to take to the water park for free.