Railway tunnel under the English Channel

idea of ​​connection with the UK mainland Europe, using a single engineering construction attended the best minds on both sides of the strait for centuries.Even perform calculations for what is preferable: a bridge or tunnel.The construction of Napoleon Bonaparte intended to begin, but some historical circumstances prevented it.The actual tunnel under the English Channel was put into operation only in the late twentieth century.Apart from the preconditioning, the construction work itself took about seven years.

tunnel under the English Channel.Feature

Project construction was a lot.Those who eventually chose turned out to be optimal both technically and economically.The length of the tunnel under the English Channel is 51 km, of which 39 are located directly under the strait.Rail tunnel that runs in both directions simultaneously.Allows passage of both freight and passenger trains.A significant part of the turnover of the traffic of cars on open platforms.The tunnel under the English Channel makes

it possible to get from London to Paris and back for a little over two hours.On overcoming of the tunnel at the same time it is spent twenty minutes to half an hour.The movement is carried out in accordance with the English rules in the left-hand mode.Technical support of the race path allows the composition to develop a sufficiently high speed.The most amazing thing that a grand tunnel under the English Channel is not the biggest in the world.He concedes Seykanu Japanese and the Swiss Gotthard tunnel.

Some technical details

fact Eurotunnel as it is often called, is made up of three parallel underground structures.For two carried the motion in opposite directions.A third laid therebetween, the smaller diameter.Every 375 meters, he has access to major highways.Middle of the tunnel serves as a technical support and maintenance.And also allows you to adjust throughout the underground space of stable ventilation and avoid the so-called piston effect - a large air pressure before moving locomotive.In addition, it is designed to ensure the safety of the entire transport communication.In case of emergency it must be carried out on the evacuation of passengers.Emergency situations arose over two decades of work of the tunnel several times, but the system has had time to prove its reliability during its operation.

Opening Eurotunnel

May 6, 1994 in a solemn ceremony opened a tunnel under the English Channel.Photos from the shores of the Strait walked all the world news agencies, reports were all the world's leading TV channels.Eurotunnel torn Britain's Queen Elizabeth and French President Francois Mitterrand.There were a number of official delegations from around the world.The event caused a great public outcry.