Spain, Calella: an exciting journey into the world of shopping, history and the sun!

City Calella, Spain ... very friendly and cosmopolitan tourist center of the coast of Barcelona-Maresme.From two of the Catalan capital, Barcelona and Girona, it is separated by only 50 km.The city perfectly work communication, so here is very convenient to travel to tours and attend cultural events taking place in the ancient center of civilization of the Mediterranean coast.

little history first mention of the town date back to the early 12th century, when these areas were built fishing huts.

in 1497 in Calella was built only 5 houses, 9 more were built in the neighboring Valderoure and Kapaspre.In the 16th century, gradually begins to form a central part of the modern city: the market square, streets Mar, Batele, Iglesia quarter and El Salvador.The Pope approved the establishment of a local parish in 1525.A few years later began the construction of the temple.In 1564 the church was consecrated.Spain, Calella in particular, began to develop into a tourist destination in the 60s.Local began to a

bandon traditional occupations - fishing and textile production - and began to pay more attention to tourism.

Spain Calella - what is it today?

special popularity city attaches great shopping and pedestrian zone in the center.Calella sheltered in a large number of parks, recreational avenues and, of course, hotels, apartments for rent, as well as campsites, which may well take a while 14,000 tourists in a country like Spain.Calella has three miles of clean golden beaches with a total area of ​​more than 180,000 sq.m.There is a large park Dalmau, Manuel alley, Gharbi and Puygver.All this makes the city the most welcoming tourist destination in Spain, allowing to obtain the pleasure of staying in these places.Every year Calella receives about 250 000 tourists from all over the world, but especially those places like the Germans and the British.


most attractive part of the city - the area of ​​Vila, where the 14th century began to develop trade.

main interest is building, built in the Gothic style and preserved in its original form with amazing decorative elements of the 16th century - the values ​​of the architectural heritage of Calella.Here you can see the beautiful church of St. Nicholas and St. Mary, built in the 18th century in baroque style.Bas altar preserved since the 16th century.Visiting the museum archive, located in a 17th century building, each tourist will know more about the history of the city.It will be interesting to see construction of the monastic orders, the ruins of the towers of optical communication.18th and 19th century left their mark on the architecture of the building of the plant "Lobet-Guri."

Spain, Calella.Beaches

Here are some of the best beaches of Catalonia.No wonder in recent years, they increasingly celebrate blue flags awarded by the Europeans only safe and clean coasts.Here nobody bored - there are beach volleyball and football, bike rental, high-quality water skis, kayaks, catamarans and all rental for windsurfing.Many small secluded coves found their home in the city such as Calella (Spain).Map settlement is rich not only gently sloping beaches, but and rocky, starting from Kapaspre.An exciting journey!