Solar Spain.

diverse and welcoming to tourists from around the world is a warm country Spain.Alicante - this is one of its cities-resorts, which is located on the Costa Blanca, in the waters of the Mediterranean.Located in the historical area of ​​Valencia, this cozy town still retains the charm of a fishing village, which he had previously served.Today, however, as the entire coastal Spain, Alicante is a great trading port, which is engaged in the export of seafood and fish.

On the territory of this town once lived Greeks, who left behind the ruins of his amphitheater, colonnades and simple dwellings.He also belongs to and the name of this village, which is in Greek sounded like Acre Lev, which means "white peak."Some time later, on the coast of modern Spain Arabs arrived and translated the name in its own language, which will result in "Al Lakant."Since then this city has so calls the whole world and the whole of Spain.

Alicante - a resort where you can quickly and without direct access from Moscow.There are

charter flights to several hours domchat you to the sea.Alicante Airport is located 9 km from the city and get to the center you can on the bus, bus or taxi.Here you can also hire a private car and travel on it during the entire holiday.Many argue that the country, which is ideal to admire the scenery from the gig - this is Spain.

Alicante - a city-museum, where you will find ancient Greek ruins and buildings from the Middle Ages (Romanesque architecture, Gothic), and Moorish modest churches.A striking example of local Gothic architecture is the Basilica of Santa Maria, which was rebuilt in the 14th century.It was later supplemented by architectural elements of Baroque, so enjoy this creation can be forever.Not far from it is the Museum of La Asegurada, which mainly presents the work of artists of the XX century.Among them Julio Gonzalez, Juan Gris, Eusebio Sempere - people who are culturally on the world stage is represented Spain.

Alicante different diverse and delicious cuisine, which is necessary to satisfy even the most discerning travelers.However, the main dish of the region is the paella, which is prepared from the local rice of the same name (sometimes this sort of white rice cereal is called "Valencia").Holidays in Valencia, by the way, is perfect for those who love romance.It was in Alicante is a whole lot of coastal cafes where you can eat and drink excellent wine.There is also a very inexpensive cost lease yachts - you will be able to dissect on water expanses of the Mediterranean and enjoy the warm southern sun as much as possible.After all, throughout Europe and the sunniest considered a friendly country Spain.

Alicante vacation where possible and with children, and friends - is one of the most interesting resorts of the Costa Blanca, which has everything: gourmet restaurants, shopping centers, and a variety of services and entertainment that will appeal to anyone who wishestake a break from work and city.