Pshadskie waterfalls.

In a remarkable Krasnodar Krai, near Anapa, the stunning and incredibly beautiful waterfalls Pshadskie.They consist of a hundred sources, among which is the giant mountain rivers and calm, flowing down the rocks streams.See at this miracle of nature can be anyone, the main thing - to choose the appropriate route and time of travel.

Leaving from Anapa and Novorossiysk bypassing, and after you get to Gelendzhik Pshadskie waterfalls.The tour usually covers only eight sources, and includes a walk along the waters of the Red River.On the way to the waters of this region as travelers pass by the ancient valley of the dolmens, which were built on the territory of our country people who lived here long before the advent of the state system.It is believed that any wish, make a here comes true.

Departing from Anapa to Pshadskie waterfalls, tourists are able to see the monument on the way to the scuttled ships, as well as the monument erected in honor of the sailors of the revolution.And, of course, simply un

forgettable moments spent in the SUV, which moves along the mountain cliffs and slopes.So if you have disrupted the vestibular system, it is better to give up the trip.

Driving directly to the destination, all tend to stop Pshada.In this village, tourists can eat, relax, but most importantly - take a dip in one of the most healing springs in the Krasnodar region under the name "Natasha".After that, all raised on foot along the mouth of the river, which overflows with nine-meter height of the powerful currents.This is where eyes are available Pshadskie waterfalls in all their glory.And only here you can feel your whole body is incredibly clean air, from which, it seems, can suffocate.

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that such a journey will not dull, moreover, forever you will be remembered as one of the brightest and most extreme.That is why before the trip is necessary as the next shell, choose the right clothes and shoes.It is worth noting that Pshadskie waterfalls and valleys that they are preceded by very steep and dangerous, so your foot path always watch your step count and power.Also, local guides recommend to put on the most convenient and comfortable shoes, so in a way you do not distract.

Freshness, stunningly beautiful scenery, mountain slopes and high-speed stream of clean water - all Pshadskie waterfalls.How to get to this place, you tell your tour guide, who will be accompanied by all the tourists during the trip.Climb to the top of the independently of these mountains is very problematic, since some areas have to overcome the SUV, and some to pass on foot.If you order this wonderful sightseeing tour, you can see the local nature in all its beauty and power.Have a nice trip!