The most beautiful cities of Cuba

Liberty Island - one of the favorite destinations for tourists.Historical monuments, museums, natural and architectural attractions, the hot sun, great food and hospitable locals - that's what the famous city of Cuba.This list goes on and on.Let the major cities on the island does not have much, but each of them is good in its own way.

Capital Liberty Island

Havana - Cuba's largest city and its capital.It has been nearly five hundred years.The local architecture is amazing.Structures from the times of the colonial rule of the Spanish side by side with modern skyscrapers, office centers, luxurious restaurants and hotels.Always worth seeing local historical monuments - remains of fortresses Castillo del Morro and Castillo de la Punta.Havana has a strong coastline.And the area of ​​the city as a whole is slightly more than 200 square kilometers.Cities of Cuba (Havana is no exception) is famous for its boulevards.In the capital, be sure to take a stroll along the boulevard Prado, paved with colored st

ones.There settled History Museum, the Capitol, the Academy of Sciences.


Resort cities of Cuba spread across the island.The second largest after Havana - the city of Santiago, which is perhaps the best known.It can truly be called a city of museums.And then held each July richest carnival in the Caribbean - a festival of Caribbean culture.There in Santiago and its tourist center - Grand Pietro.It is a picturesque area with all the amenities for tourists, is probably why he is the most popular.

Despite the fact that the city look quite modern Cuba, the locals honor the tradition and sometimes behave very directly for the city.They simply sit on the steps of the houses, smoking, singing songs.In general, they are quite hospitable.But first may alert their talkativeness and noisiness, due to the temperament of Cubans.

Trinidad - a town-museum

Be sure to visit Trinidad.Like many other cities in Cuba, it was founded in the early 16th century.But it is most preserved ancient architecture.Catholic churches, palaces, roads, cobblestone - the whole city is impregnated with historicism, he and attracts tourists.Each meter of this relatively small town, you can do amazing photos.There's Romantic Museum, archaeological museum and even a museum to combat banditry!

Green Holguin

city is known for the fact that in this place the first time the expedition Christopher Columbus landed.Holguin stunningly beautiful thanks to the large number of bays and creeks, rivers and streams.The town is small, and it is literally immersed in the overgrown with tropical plants.There is a historical museum and the magnificent Cathedral of San Isidoro.

Despite the relatively small size of the island, the Cuban city attractions abound.And in any of them you can spend a wonderful holiday, while you get bored just do not have.