Where to go for a vacation in the winter?

Quickly pack and went straight to the mountains to ski!This is exactly what you need to do during the cold season.We are with you concentrate on what I want to do in the cold season: the rays of the sun to warm up, splashing in the sea and enjoy the colors of the unknown, the unfamiliar smell the exotic dishes and eat under the palm trees.Where to go for a vacation in the winter?Where is warm, sunny and happy?Consider the options.

Sri Lanka, Merise

Arriving here, you think that the human foot is not yet set foot.This small beach - the original highlight of the whole island of Sri Lanka.Already you imagine two kilometers of pristine nature and whitish-golden sands picturesque bay?This is the place where the heat in the winter to rest.Stunning sunsets and sunrises, a pleasant climate and safe beaches - all on the island of Sri Lanka.Bathing in the waters of one of the best beaches in the world, do not forget to visit Sigiriya Lions Rock.

Goa Palolem

Goa - a tiny state of India.If you want not onl

y to sunbathe and swim, but also to have fun, go to the village or Vanator Arambol.And if your desire - complete relaxation, then go to Palolem - best beach in Goa.This place is very cozy, small, the entire coast is strewn with palm trees.When contemplating a picture of these places, the question of where to go for a vacation in the winter, it may solve itself.

Thailand Pranang

staggering cliffs, white sand and crystal clear water - all this Phra Nang, a paradise for lovers of the marvelous natural scenery and climbers.This beach is also known as the "Lost Land".In addition to the stunning beach holiday, you will find a visit to this ancient volcano and the local women who are already on the way to the beach Pranang right boat for you to cook a very tasty local dish pad Thai.

Mexico, Las Almandas

Where to go for a vacation in the winter?Where heat and really romantic?We present our Las Almandas.This is where you can experience the real beauty of solitude.Deserted and incredibly beautiful beach, the entire ocean is only at your disposal.Just 10 years ago there were a jungle, and now it is one of the best beaches in the world where there is no running thousands of tourists with cameras.The hotel complex can accommodate only 30 guests, its area is 1500 acres.

Cuba, Varadero

Who canceled a luxury?This place has repeatedly ranked first in the rankings of the best beaches in the world.This is where the stars spend their holidays, who always knows where to go for a vacation in the winter, where it is warm and sunny.Cote d'Azur, perfect blue sea, sun, white sand and a developed tourist complex with entertainment and the hotels - it's all for you!Coming to these places and plenty enjoyed the beach, the sun and the local beauty, do not forget to visit the caves of Ambrosio, to witness the ancient Indian petroglyphs.Also, check out the Museum of Al Capone and, of course, have fun in the Cuban disco.Local life is in full swing every day!Now you know where to go for a vacation in the winter, where it is warm and colorful, and we wish you the most exciting journeys!