Hannover Germany as it is

Hannover on the map of Germany can be found immediately.On the territory of the country is full of large cities, each of which is different from others and has its own attractions and features.Hannover is situated on the banks of the River Leine.This city is famous for its beautiful architecture, parks.It is filled with the dynamics of life.There are many exhibition centers.

tourists have plenty of reasons to visit Hanover.Germany attracts with its beauty, diversity and rich architectural history.During the war in the country, many cities were destroyed.The architecture of some has not been fully restored.A similar fate overtook and Hanover.The city was virtually destroyed, rebuilt, only the most beautiful buildings that were of great cultural and historical significance.

Hannover (Germany) is very suitable for hiking.Coming out of the station building, the tourist immediately falls to the pavement, where the line is drawn red.If you walk along it, you can visit the 36 most famous places in the cit

y.The route to these attractions are well thought out.

First of all, you can explore the neighborhood and the city from the observation deck of City Hall.Her house is located on the bank of the pond.Panorama of the city from here is beautiful.It is a very romantic place.Inside the hall, everyone can look at photos of Hannover in different periods of history.

further line leads to the Opera Square, where there are magnificent opera house, raised in the spirit of neo-classicism.Here are several modern shopping centers.The main crossroads of the city is the area hard.This place played a huge role in the lives of citizens.It is here to hold meetings and festivities, here begins the procession of various kinds.On the area it is worth paying attention to one of the main attractions of Hanover - Roza Vetrov.It is an index that shows the distance to other cities in Europe and the world.

Hannover (Germany) is also famous Sprengel Museum.The exhibition of his paintings of famous artists - Malevich, Kurt Shvitersa Picasso.

Germany (Hannover in particular) is known throughout the world as a country with a developed service and modern technology.For citizens created favorable conditions for life.The developed system of public transport, metro lines, banks, insurance companies and various government agencies - all this allows residents and visitors to enjoy scientific achievements and innovations.

Hannover (Germany), is a major center of international trade.There are shops known brands as well as young designers and fashion designers.With numerous exhibitions of international level in the city is always a great influx of tourists.Every year there are meetings, conferences and seminars.Their main themes - these are new technologies and developments in the industry, computer and information technology, the automotive industry.These developments are of great international importance.They annually draw thousands of professionals.