Turgoyak Lake in the southern Urals

Region Southern Urals can hardly be attributed to one of the most sought-after and popular tourist destinations.Many people are choosing a destination for summer vacations, guided by the principle of "more and better".But this approach is not always justified.And a sharp change of climate is beneficial not all.Sometimes it is helpful just to look around.Chelyabinsk region, for example, has many interesting and peculiar natural objects.Turgoyak Lake - one of them.In addition, it is located in the climatic zone of the Southern Urals, quite comfortable for the majority of our compatriots.

Turgoyak Lake, Chelyabinsk region

This is one of the most beautiful reservoirs in the whole Urals.It is located near the city of Miass, in the valley between mountain ranges ilmenite and Ural-Tau.Lake Turgoyak has a rather great depth and transparency of water.Clean it here is that the bottom can be seen at a depth of twenty meters.The characteristics of the water taken from the lake compared to Baikal.High purity w

ater body due to the peculiarities of its hydrological regime.Into the lake four fairly large river, and flows only one.Water is in constant circulation.Lake Turgoyak - it's quite a large body of water rounded, slightly elongated in the meridional direction.The length of its coastline is 27 kilometers.Maximum depth - 34 meters, a total water surface area greater than 26 square kilometers.Particularly in a position to stop to rest, among other things, it makes the surrounding natural landscape.By the shore of the lake right up moving hillsides covered with dense vegetation relic.Forest on the banks of Turgoyak dominated by conifers, they are well preserved traces of logging and other unauthorized intervention into the natural environment is not so much, as in many other areas of the Urals.Unconditional tourist attraction is the island of the Faith.Turgoyak Lake was once the refuge of the Old Believers, care in the Ural taiga pursuers.On the island of Faith until the beginning of the twentieth century, there was Old Believers skit.He has not been preserved, but there found a large number of archaeological sites and artifacts dating back several thousand years.Archaeologists continue its work here today, each field season on the island brings them new finds.

Recreation on Lake Turgoyak

recreational potential of this place is used very actively.Lake Turgoyak well known in the Urals.Tourists come here from Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and out of more remote locations and cities.Many feel quite comfortable in a tent on the shore of the lake.But for those who can not imagine their existence without at least the minimum benefits of civilization on the coast, there are recreation, "Silver Sands", "Krutiki" hotel club "Golden Beach".Last more appropriate for lovers of sporting activities: surfing, diving, quad bikes and bicycles.