Attractions Dmitrov, which is recommended to look

65 kilometers from Moscow on the bank of the river stretches a beautiful city Yakhroma Dmitrov.Landmarks of the village are attracted not only foreign tourists but also Russian citizens.It is an ancient city with a rich history and many interesting architectural structures.It was founded in 1154, although due to archeological excavations it was proved that people lived here before.City received its name in honor of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrios.

What is recommended to see the sights of Dmitrov tour?Start your way to the best historical center of the city - with the Kremlin.On its territory when it was possible to pass only by a drawbridge, as on the north side it was a marshy area, on the south - the old channel of the river Yakhroma, and the remaining two sides defended trench width from 12 to 30 meters of water and a shaft height of 15meters.Currently, tourists can see the shaft and a small section of the moat, located south of the Kremlin.The most valuable landmark inland is the Assumption Cathed

ral, whose construction was completed in 1533.Today, the temple lost its original appearance after many changes, but, as before, remains an interesting place.It is attractive not only the architecture of the cathedral, but also the interior, which is famous iconostasis of the late 17th century.Next to the church stands a three-tiered bell tower with a spire.

Continuing sightseeing Dmitrov, it is recommended to inspect the Elizabethan church located nearby.Next to the Cathedral of the Assumption is an administrative body.A land near the fortifications you can see a number of attractive amateur buildings, construction of which refers to the 19 th and 20 th centuries.Another interesting building Dmitrov - Boris and Gleb Monastery, fence which has four round corner towers.The interest of tourists is causing the most historic buildings - the Cathedral of Boris and Gleb, the Holy Gates with the Church of St. Nicholas, the abbot of the housing and communal cells.

Dmitrov Attractions include many other religious buildings, including the Kazan Church, built in 1735.An interesting building is the Vvedenskaya church dating from the 18th century, rises in the streets of the old-Rogachev.And Pushkin is the Trinity-Tikhvin Church, whose construction dates back to the 19th century.

Dmitrov can add attractions and civil unique buildings.The city has preserved many mansions, built in the 19th century.It houses Novoselov, Voznichihina, Klyatova.There are older buildings, such Tugarinov house, built in 1788.It was originally a privately owned merchant Tolchenova and then sold Tugarinovym by which and retained the name.

However, not only famous architectural structures Dmitrov.Sights of the city include a list of many interesting monuments, among which the monument to the city founder Yuri Dolgoruky, installed at the entrance to the Kremlin.Near the Cathedral of the Assumption is a monument to Cyril and Methodius.Among other interesting places to be noted Kropotkin street, paved with stone and cobblestone.It is a kind of historical open-air museum, walk through that takes a lot of pleasure.It found many interesting sculptures.