Italy in October: festivals, fairs and the sea of ​​colors!

Italy in October ... What is it?At this time, the influx of tourists in the country is reduced, and the temperature remains quite high, so there is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the warm weather.However, before committing to travel, please be an umbrella, because the fall is particularly fond of awarding these places rains.Yet Italy in early October is beautiful, especially Rome.

local fall - what is it?

in every region of the country reigns own weather.The end of summer is well felt in the southern and central regions of Italy.The air temperature here does not fall below +25 ° C, and the water +20 ... + 23 ° C.Therefore, those who desperately want to catch up with the summer, there is a real chance to do it.In the northern regions of Italy in October already reigns Fall (Milan, Verona and Florence).Air temperature falls to + 16 ... + 18 ° C every day, drizzling rain and sea surface gradually cooled to + 17 ... + 18 ° C.

Italy in October.Otyh at resorts - what is it?

At this time, there ar

e not as many tourists as in the previous few months.Why is that?The swimming season begins to close in many regions of Italy during this month, the streets are wet after the rains do not particularly have to travel sightseeing tours and walks.Yet if Italy in October - a dream, it is best to go to Rome.The weather at this time quite warm and dry, so you can make hiking and horseback riding excursions.In addition to the standard tourist program and sightseeing, you can start to learn the language and get acquainted with the peculiarities of the national cuisine.Agree that it is better to do for the autumn cool evening than fragrant and warm dinner in the Italian tradition with a glass of wine and live music, there is no ...

Excursions.Italy, October - what to do?

Despite the fall, tour operators offer many options for tours to Italy.They find programs for all ages and tastes.No one will not be bored - no older or younger, or adherents of active recreation or passive admirers.Italy in October is not so popular among tourists, so to find accommodation and select the optimal ticket is not difficult.It was in the autumn, the country plays host to visiting numerous festivals and fairs.One of the most interesting festivals held in the autumn in Italy - chocolate.It is held annually on October 18 in Perugia.

Prices for holidays in Italy in autumn

It was in October, you can head to plunge into shopping, enjoy wellness and travel around the old town.The sharp decline in the number of tourists provides installation travel agencies to reduce the prices for holidays in Italy.Of course, the full cost of the trip can be found only in the selected travel agency directly.The average price for the journey with all included services is around 600 euros.If you buy a tour in advance, we can further reduce cash expenditures on travel.Cost of living in hotel rooms and accommodations are also very low compared with the summer months - about 25 euros.Have a nice trip!