The trip to Vietnam: Nha Trang - resort city

One of the most economical, but at the same time, the quality vacation offers travelers to Vietnam.Nha Trang without exaggeration be called the most popular resort in the country.This city is located in the central part of Vietnam.He is washed by the South China Sea.

It should be noted that the Nha Trang to be known precisely among Russian tourists.And the Vietnamese have adapted quickly to this.Local residents already speak basic Russian phrases, signs, benches and billboards are duplicated in our language.

combine business with pleasure

You can not just enough to soak up the warm sun subequatorial, what can boast the rest of Vietnam.Nha Trang - a city of clubs, bars, restaurants and discos.In addition, here are the wonderful massage and beauty salons.In the arsenal they have a mud treatment and thalassotherapy.You could also go diving.The city has its cultural monuments.This is Lang Son Pagoda, Monkey Island, various temples.In general, here is where to go.In the city of Nha Trang (Vietnam) t

ours can be enjoyed virtually anywhere.The most popular local Oceanographic Museum.It collected a huge collection - more than 20 000 copies - of sea skeletons and the living representatives of the tropical ocean waters.However, no matter how much stored attractions Nha Trang (Vietnam), reviews of it mainly deal with a beach holiday.

Climate Nha Trang

Beach season lasts in this city all year round, but it is divided into low and high.And in the winter, and in summer the average temperature is kept at 25 degrees.Even at night, almost never falls below 22. In rare cases, the thermometer in the dark comes to 10. In summer there is still hotter than the winter months.Like the rest of central Vietnam, Nha Trang - a favorable area for swimming.

"low" season called autumn and the first month of winter.At this time, the weather is very rainy.Precipitation intense but short-lived.So much discomfort they bring vacationers.However, from mid-October to mid-November in Vietnam storm season.At this time, tickets are cheaper, but it is better not to go, so as not to spoil your holiday.High season - the rest of the time.Rains are rare.And certainly nothing will stop to enjoy the beauties of nature, and all the benefits of sub-Saharan region.

Local cuisine

The whole world renowned cuisine, which welcomes visitors to Vietnam.Nha Trang, opinions about cooking is not so rare, is known for its specialties.This, too, should say a few words.Vietnamese cuisine - a symbiosis of Indian, Chinese and French traditions.Especially popular are the seafood prepared with the addition of special spices, fruits and vegetables.Tourists can also sample local specialties at relatively low prices.This meat python, frogs, dogs, ostrich and so on. D. Tourists must be borne in mind that the restaurants and cafes on the main streets and tourist areas are much more expensive than in other parts of the city.Therefore, in order to save, you can simply turn into a small alley and eat the same thing, but for less money.