Lenin's Mausoleum in Moscow: the history of creation and functioning of these days

all residents of the former Soviet Union, as well as, perhaps, most people around the world is known for one of the main attractions of the Russian capital - the mausoleum of Lenin.Today we offer to learn the history of its creation and functioning today.


After the death of Lenin in 1924, it was decided not to bury him in the traditional way, and save the image of the leader, erecting in the center of the mausoleum of the Soviet capital.The first mausoleum was erected in haste and was a wooden structure consisting of a three-meter hole in the ground with the construction of towering over him in the shape of a cube.A few months later by the architect K. Melnikov was built new wooden mausoleum of Lenin, the shape of which corresponds to the current structure.In 1930, by the famous Soviet architect A. Shchusev was erected stone structure lined with dark red marble and granite.On both sides it was built a platform from which members of the Soviet Government watched the passing on Red Square

parades and demonstrations.Inside the memorial hall is located in an area of ​​one thousand square meters, where the coffin with Lenin's body.Soviet scientists developed a unique technology, which allows to store the body of the leader has been for many decades.

After collapse of the USSR became actively raises the question of whether to continue preservation of Lenin's body.However, while the government of the Russian Federation has no plans to reburial of his body, and the mausoleum of functioning normally.

How does Lenin's mausoleum

Recently this monument tomb, located in the heart of Moscow - Red Square - has been renovated and today he once again opens its doors to all comers.Excursions to the mausoleum of Lenin, as well as to other graves of prominent Soviet and Russian leaders are completely free and available from Tuesday to Thursday and during the weekend from 10 to 13 hours.

Usually, wishing to visit this attraction faced with quite a large queue, often begins in the Alexander Garden.However, do not be upset, because it moves pretty quickly, and very soon you will be able to witness the body of the leader of the Soviet proletariat.

FYI mausoleum

There is a certain set of rules that must be followed if you want to go inside the mausoleum:

- all users need to go through the metal detector, located at the checkpoint at the tower of St. Nicholas;

- not allowed to bring into the mausoleum of photo and video cameras, and phones.Employees of the institution keep an eye out so that no one carried a photo or video inside the building;

- it is forbidden to pass inside the mausoleum with bags, large metal objects and drinks.All of these items must first pass in a locker located in the Alexander Gardens;

- entering the mausoleum, visitors are close to the sarcophagus in which rests the body of Vladimir Lenin.Men thus should remove his hat.Women do not need it.