Siena attractions Italian town

between the valleys of the Elsa, Arbii and Merce is located in the picturesque hills beautiful Siena.Landmarks arouse great interest among the tourists on their inspection is necessary to allocate at least a couple of days.Upon arrival in Siena, many travelers the impression that they were in the Middle Ages.This is not surprising, because the Italian town really stubbornly maintains appearance, acquired in the XIII century.This feature gives it a special charm and originality.

layout of the city a bit chaotic and fragmented, but do not get lost and visit all the attractions will help map the sights of Siena.All roads converge at the central square of Campo.Its shape is reminiscent of the Italians stretched cloak of the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of the city.It is divided into 9 sectors strips of travertine and is paved with stones of different colors.Campo is one of the unique and unique areas of Europe.

Duomo - it is a real treasure and a sample of Tuscan art, which is so proud of Siena.Attrac

tions Cathedral amaze even the most experienced travelers.The project was designed by the famous architect writing, working in the Gothic style.Over the years, this masterpiece was built, but in 1348 the construction had to abandon because of the outbreak of plague in the city.Now, travelers can admire the walls and not the finished building.

will attract lovers of old Casa di Santa Caterina - House nun Catherine Benincasa, declared a holy defender of Italy.Today, this place is considered the epitome of relaxation and peace.Inside the courtyard you can find a staircase leading to the private rooms of the nuns on the same site is the church.

In the XVI century, with many interesting architectural objects acquired Siena.Things to affect their wealth and sophistication.An example of architecture of that time is the Palazzo del Magnifico.The palace was built to control the city of Pandolfo Petrucci.The building belongs to the Renaissance and is one of the favorite places of the inhabitants of the town.

Medici Fortress was built in 1563 by architect Lanci on the orders of Cosimo de 'Medici.Its main task was to prevent the defending independence, which is so sought Siena.Attractions of this place are in a beautiful garden city, which was transformed into a fortress.With the construction of the picturesque panorama of the surrounding area.Today, the castle often hosts temporary exhibitions.Here are the library and audio archive.

Museum Hospital Santa Maria della Scala is also proud of Siena.Map helps you navigate the city and visit all the great historical, cultural and architectural monuments.The museum has a huge collection of works of art, among which you can find images of noble lords, the pilgrims, the sick, the emperors, monks.Attention attracts pilgrims Hall, painted by great artists.Here is the church of Our Lady with beautiful frescoes.