Mud baths and other attractions Yessentuki

river valley stretches Podkumok one of the four resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters Yessentuki.He came here in 1798 as a military redoubt, who was guarding the southern borders of Russia.It got its name from a little river Essentuki flowing in this area.Almost every village has its own symbol of the city: in New York City - Statue of Liberty in Paris - the Eiffel Tower, and is to be made in Yessentuki building mud baths.It is this structure can be seen on postcards resort, guidebooks and advertising.With him and begin sightseeing.

Essentuki (picture shown below), because of this mud baths, gained wide popularity among many tourists.Officially, it is considered the most beautiful in Europe among similar institutions.Construction of the building refers to 1914 in the style of the imperial Roman public baths, which not only set the bath, but there are separate facilities for recreation and sports.At the entrance are installed sculptures, one of which - the ancient Roman god of healing Aesculapius, an

d the second - his daughter, the goddess of health.But not only are visible ancient motifs.They can be seen in the reliefs of the building, and in waiting rooms.The basement is equipped with a gryazehranilische structure in which the dirt falls from the lake Tambukan.

But the attractions do not end Yessentuki.Another highlight of this settlement is Tsanderovsky Institute mechanotherapy, built in the German technology fachwerk.It is located on the main avenue of the spa park, and not notice it is simply impossible.At present, there are 54 old system, 52 cast iron and 2 new development which belongs to the Russian engineers.Climbing up the alley, you can get to the building of the Upper baths.His view from above is a square with a circle in the middle.In the square of the vacationers take Narzan baths, and inhalation is round.

Continuing sightseeing Yessentuki, not to mention religious architectural structures, including the church of St. Panteleimon, which is located on the street Andzhievsky.The first mention of it can be found in old documents in 1886.However, the original structure failed to survive to the present day, as it was completely destroyed.Only in 1992 began the re-construction of the main building.Outside the waterfront is another structure - Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, whose foundation was laid in 1995.

If we consider other architectural structures of Yessentuki and attractions can be completed in such a structure, like a fountain on the central square, which is considered the largest in the southern part of Russia (the area - more than 100 square meters).Every minute in the sky vzmetayutsya 10 tons of water.The most beautiful picture can be seen after sunset, when the light turns on lights fountain, and he begins to shimmer with rainbow colors.

Attractions Yessentuki can be completed and other interesting places of the city.For example, a local flying club is one of the most famous in Russia.Here you can watch the aerobatics, skydiving.Another interesting point of this village is a resort park, the age of many trees which has already passed for the 100-year mark.Give it elegance summer houses, a variety of fountains, cascading staircase, flower beds.It is recommended to visit the site of roses, of which there are more than a hundred species.

What sights Yessentuki see more?The very first building of the city is a one-storey stone building, built in the English style with Moorish elements designed by Samuel Upton.Now there is a gallery.