Solar Spain.

Snazzy, the beautiful and rich nature and for its cultural heritage is famous for Spain.Blanes - a small resort town, and many of his believe a province of noisy and cheerful of Barcelona (he is in 60-ti kilometers from the a megacity), but it's does not prevent him and features a nice monuments of architecture, charming nature and clean sea, to which and attracts millions of tourists annually.

In the past, the mighty Romans owned most of the territory that is today known as Spain.Blanes was a village, then a ring, which settled a noble Roman family.Gradually, the map of Europe has acquired the outlines familiar to us, and mixed races.But the ancient race and stayed in this Catalan town.It was he who gave it its name.Their name and sounded - Blanes.Since then, this place serves as a haven for many of fishermen, but most importantly - since ancient times here was developing tourist business.And how could it be otherwise?Natural beauty, great scenic beaches and incomparable monuments cause permanent int

erest, and they attract people.All these riches they fully gives Spain.

Blanes is famous for its rock cliffs that divided its territory into two parts - north and south.The first settled the locals, so there is a lot of residential areas, supermarkets and markets.But a tourist paradise located in the southern part of the town.It is here erected hotels and chic villas, are open souvenir shops and beach cafes.In the old narrow streets flaunt chic restaurants and trendy boutiques.There are also plenty of children's entertainment centers, schools, windsurfing and other typical spa facilities.

How to and the entire eastern Spain, Blanes abounds with broad and clean beaches.In this city they are divided into are two kinds of - sandy and pebble.The peculiarity of the local coastal zones can be considered white sands.In Catalonia, most of the beaches are yellow, but in this region, we can say, nature has provided an exception.The jewel of the resort is considered to be a relaxation area S'Abannel, where you can rent windsurfing equipment and diving or rent a boat.

ideal destination for those who like to travel by car, is Spain.Blanes (map of the city and its surroundings on sale at any kiosk) is located 60 km from Barcelona and is also located close to the town of Santa Susanna.There is a huge water park "Marinelend" where fun can both children and adults.Not far away there are plenty of cafes in which you should definitely look and taste local specialties.Among the national culinary masterpieces most famous paella.

most ancient heritage of the city is the tower of San Juan.It was built in 1022 and in the following centuries it finish building, restored.However, pristine Romanesque structure preserved, therefore, looked up at her, you can go back to the Middle Ages, full of sacred mysteries.Several centuries later, all the architectural masterpieces began to be erected in the spirit of the Gothic.One of them appeared in the territory of Blanes - a monastery which is now a museum.Also worth seeing the gates of the Virgin Mary, the palace of the Vicomte de Cabrera, fountain, chapel of St. Barbara, St. Jaume Hospital and a deep well of San Juan.All of these monuments have been erected in the Gothic era.

Finally it is worth noting that in the said region is very accessible to many hotels are.Here you can book as a chic five-star hotel overlooking the sea and a modest room category 2 *.Among the most visited hotels in the complex can be called Beverly Park.Blanes (Spain) - this is the place that will never be erased from your memory.Once been there, you will definitely want to come back.