Thassos Island (Greece) - one of the most popular holiday destinations in the north

In the northern part of Hellas, at a distance of only 12 km from the mainland, is located one of the very popular places in the northern part of the country - the island of Thassos.Greece can be proud of this resort, which is already more than a hundred years is the center of a well-deserved weekend getaway.After all, to the small port of Keramoti, which has an airfield, from here only 20 minutes boat, and to Kavala - hour sea.

It is very important that the local residents to tourists to apply fairly quiet, apart from their main source of their income.Why is that?The so boasts the region Greece?Thasos Island offers its residents the opportunity to earn a splendid production of white marble, as two-thirds of it, and it is.Greeks also sell olive oil, nuts and honey.At the end of the last century, these places have suffered from the ravages of fire, but fortunately, most of the forests in the mountains survived, and sometimes there can be seen a wolf owl and marten.

capital of the island is the port a

nd the city Limenas.With first sight is created the impression that he is overloaded by tourists and to various transport.But all this is compensated by of picturesque old quarters and the picturesque fishing harbor.Earlier, before the invasion of tourists, locals prospered thanks to these marine safety gate and export of marble.Those who are interested in the history of the island of Thassos (Greece), can easily see that the era of prosperity began during the dawn of the ancient period.Much of this talk: the reconstructed quarters of the city, the Archaeological Museum, the Temple of Dionysus, the Byzantine fort, fragments of temples and Pan Athens, Museum Polygnotos Vayis.

The area is considered to be the greenest on the island of Greece.The vegetation is rich and rich: olive groves, lush valleys, dogwoods, fir, pine, centuries-old plane trees.The coastline has a length of 115 kilometers and is characterized by beautiful beaches with crystal water and white sand.So many picturesque rocks and waterfalls.Activities on the island of Thassos (Greece) is well suited for various categories of tourists: lovers of solitude and quiet, romantic, families with children, lovers of natural beauty and antiquity.The tourist center of Potos is very popular among young people.There is a lot of discos, bars, cafes and taverns, that is just where you can have fun until the morning.

Talking about such a good place to relax, not to mention hotels Thasos.Greece has always distinguished the hospitality, and here you will also be expected with cheerfulness and joy over three hundred hotels.For every taste and wealth, from two- to five-star.Among the best are "Enavlion Hotel Batayanni", "Alexander Boutique Hotel" located on Golden Beach and Spa Resort "Alexandra Beach Thassos".

Some area stores ancient appearance, the house is covered with stone tiles.Any construction is forbidden, for this reason, the time has come to our many old beautiful mansions, two early Christian basilica on the Cape, the ruins of a very ancient temple, which is dedicated to an unknown god.

Due to these limitations, an active resort life is a little away - on the rocky beaches of the bay, located in the east, in the western Gulf, with its pebble beaches on the Cape, where you can see a lot of divers.In general, look for the rest of Thassos island (Greece).You do not regret it!