The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya - the main attraction of Thailand

Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya - a grand wooden structure, reaching a height of 105 m (20-storey building) and built without a single nail.This building has different names: the Sanctuary of Truth, Prasat Mai Wang Boran.Some people consider the temple a sacred place, while others refer to it as an interesting attractions that embodies the culture and faith of Thailand, but some local residents claim that the building is cursed, and go to it do not advise anyone.Whatever it was, but in this unusual and magnificent structure can be proud of Pattaya.

Sanctuary of Truth (how to get prompt local taxi drivers) is a relatively young building, its construction began in 1981.The founder is the local billionaire Khun Lek, known as the Lek Viriyafant.There is a legend, that the man received a prophecy, according to which he shall die in that day, when will end construction of the temple.True or not - it is unknown, but the work does not stop for more than one decade.Decorating the building is fully is not execute

d yet and constantly is postponed for an indefinite period.Sam Khun Lek plans to complete construction by 2025.

Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya - a sample of the unique work of the most talented woodcarvers.It was created by employing more than two hundred people.Founder spend money on its finish and decoration.The building is made out of very valuable species - the red and the yew tree, when it was not used a single nail.Decorated with carved window frames, various figures, staircases, arches, so do not even doubt that it is not handmade.

Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya is surrounded by elaborately carved figurines of sacred animals, Buddha ornaments.Visitors will be able learn more about the the eastern of philosophy and respect of Thais to the creation of the world.Sculptures tell about the four pillars of the universe, which are the basis of life.They are the epitome of four of the Virgin, is located on the spire of the building.The first of them is holding a lotus, and is considered a symbol of philosophy.The second depicts the book, so in favor of the progress of science.Third Virgin leads the old and holds a child, that is the way it embodies the life of man: it is born, matures, grows old and dies, and the process is uninterrupted.The fourth of nine calls to end the war in her hands is the dove - the symbol of peace.

Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya each person opens from different sides.Someone thinks his sumptuous palace, worthy of respect and admiration.Some people refer to it as to an ordinary temple, what on earth hundreds of thousands.Many art lovers see the construction of a perfect example of Thai architecture.In recent years, tourists must visit the Temple of Truth.Pattaya is located on the map very well, so visit all the interesting sights and not get lost in this beautiful town without any problems.It is recommended to visit the Sanctuary of Truth all fans of Oriental philosophy, which originated on this earth many thousands of years ago.