Innsbruck (Austria): a piece of Prague in the Alps

this small Austrian mountain town licked and groomed, as, indeed, all Tyrolean-edge.It is an ancient, medieval.Magdeburg Law, which allows the city to be called, was in the thirteenth century.And then even became an imperial residence - loved to live here the Habsburgs.Like a Faberge egg, shining peaks framed by Innsbruck.Austria - a mountainous country, but here it is especially noticeable.They say that in this city it is difficult to get lost.After all, the main landmarks are the mountains, which are illuminated at night.

Architecture Innsbruck magically inscribed in the surrounding breathtaking scenery.Last describe very difficult, so it is beautiful and unique.As for attractions, it is often compared with Prague.However, it is very small, this Innsbruck.Austria, like most of Europe - is mostly small, cozy and beautiful towns.Its center is a pedestrian zone, which can be circumvented in a few hours.If you want to view and all at the same time to save, use the "Innsbruck Card" - this system allows y

ou free access to many museums in the city (even the famous Swarovski collection), as well as cheaper to eat in some restaurants and cafes.

If we talk about the comparison with Prague, the coincidence is, even in the titles.But if in the Czech capital, crowds flock to look at the Zlata lanes, then there is the Golden Roof.This late-bay became a symbol of the city of Innsbruck.Austria in the 15th century was ruled by Emperor Maximilian.He ordered lined with balcony (which for some reason called the roof) with more than two thousand gold leaf.In the same era it was built and the town hall with a dome and gallery under the roof - another attraction of the city.From ancient buildings can be mentioned Helbling house - living room, used as such, almost 800 years old.Only its facade was redone in the 18th century.The city is very beautiful baroque churches - Hofkirche, Viltener and the Cathedral of St. James.

The more famous Innsbruck?Austria is famous for the museums, the capital of Tyrol also opens the door for the tourists very interesting collections.First of all, Ambras Palace, where you can admire the portraits and weapons at the residence of Ferdinand II.Then the already mentioned collection of Swarovski.And then there are a lot of original museums: the hunt, Olympics, bells, climbing ... Children will love the alpine zoo, which is famous throughout Europe for Innsbruck.

Austria (tours in this country are popular not only in summer but also in winter) due to the fact that a large part of its territory is located in the Alps has a lot of ski resorts.Innsbruck is not far from the Stubai Glacier, where you can ride at any time of the year.In addition, it is surrounded by nine runs of varying difficulty.In winter, you can buy a ski pass and then calmly ride on any of them.The price of the ticket also includes travel by special bus to any track.All these ski area (Nordpark, Patcherkofel, Gluntsetser and others) are the best ski resorts in Austria.Innsbruck is good because it has to offer in the city, lovers of downhill slopes can spend the day skiing and evening - entertainment, walks and varied cultural program.