Abano Terme (Italy) - a unique thermal spa

15 km from Padua and 60 km from the beautiful Venice, among the beautiful green hills, situated quiet and very beautiful thermal spa of Abano Terme.Italy pampers travelers stunning scenery, interesting sights, favorable climatic conditions, and even in this beautiful country you can relax and heal your body.In Abano Terme year round is maintained smooth and mild climate, the average temperature is +22 ° C, in summer it can rise up to +32 ° C.

resort in his life seen a lot of famous, talented and people in positions of authority.Even in Roman times was renowned town of Abano Terme.Italy as the country began to develop a resort in the XVIII century.It was during this period of launching the infrastructure, relax in the warmth of this wonderful region want aristocrats from all over Europe.Hot Springs has long been famous for its unique health properties, it is not surprising that many tourists come to rest in Abano Terme (Italy).

resort reviews very positive, people are relaxing mind and body, heals t

he body, recover from serious illness, rejuvenate the skin and body.Local healing waters have geothermal origin, they contain mineral salts, iodine, bromine, iron, calcium, sodium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, ammonia, potassium.The resort has 106 outdoor and 103 indoor thermal pools.To acquire healing properties, water is necessary to go a long way in 50 years, and 100 km.Rainwater is collected in the Alps, seeping through the soil, enriched with trace elements and is heated.

on the planet are not so many unique places such as Abano Terme.Italy offers tourists a comfortable holiday accommodation in spa luxury hotels.Local hot springs are unique in their chemical composition and temperature, but water is still used for the treatment and mud, in the formation of which play an important role microorganisms and microflora.All guests can get medical advice, which, depending on existing conditions prescribe treatment.Curative procedure consists of thermal and ozone baths, mud packs, hydromassage, inhalations.

Besides balneotherapy and mud, you can visit the spa program in Abano Terme.Italy pays great attention to the preservation of youth and beauty of women.Therefore, the resort provides special programs: "cellulite", "antiage", "weight loss", "anti-stress", "pressure therapy", "zonal massage", "lymphatic drainage" and others. For the treatment of gynecological diseases, musculoskeletal system, joints,respiratory system, chronic fatigue, neuralgia also suitable resort of Abano Terme.Italy to his feet each, will help to cope with excess weight will tone the body.

addition treatment in Abano Terme you can visit many interesting sights, take a tour of Lake Garda, Venice, Verona, Padua.In the town provides a lot of entertainment.Tourists can take part in sport fishing, golf, tennis or bowling, go hang-gliding or mountain climbing, horse riding.