What to bring from Vienna as a gift?

From traveling always want to bring something special.For example, national souvenirs, clothing or unusual products.What to bring from Vienna to commemorate the Austrian capital has remained for a long time not only you, but also your friends?


Vienna is famous for its unique confectionery.If you do not know what souvenirs brought from Vienna, buy a box of chocolates.For example, the sweetness of a musical called "Mozart".This delicious chocolate candies with marzipan filling.Unique gifts can be delicious candied petals of flowers or chocolate cake "Sacher".Capsule coffee or tea will be an excellent addition to your gift.


What to bring from Vienna yet?Exclusive alcohol.For example, the famous Austrian Riesling wine with the aroma of flowers and honey.Or exquisite Eiswen, made by special technology from frozen grapes.Or a delicious chocolate liqueur, incidentally, the only one in the world that has the same name with the aforementioned desserts - "Mozart".


If Ms. your friends do not like any sweets or alcohol, and you still care about the question "what to bring from Vienna," safely buy Swarovski crystals.Beautiful crystal ornaments are the hallmark of the Austrian capital.Fine products of the company Frey Wille can also be a great gift.Exquisite handmade souvenirs enamel certainly will appeal to your colleagues or friends.

Vienna Porcelain

perfect gift can be a unique product of a special Viennese porcelain.They are prepared by hand in Austria.Here in the shop you can buy gorgeous tea set, cookware and coffee service.It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend a wonderful gift.


If the question: "What to bring from Vienna?" And not remain unresolved, buy a souvenir, going into one of the stalls.For example, pipes or Mattsholda ancient coins with the image of the famous Empress Elizabeth, who became a symbol of Vienna.Local souvenir shops, you can purchase a variety of statues, fine jewelry and utensils.To Present mention of Austria, buy a statue of a white horse - the symbol of the country.If your kids is a surprise, then go into a small souvenir shop near Vienna Zoo.Here you can find the perfect gift for a grandchild or niece: children's balls, fans, notebooks and original T-shirts with images of birds and animals.

If you are looking for an expensive gift for the loved ones of people go shopping on the main shopping street of the city.There you will find exclusive designer clothes, luxury carpets and articles of Viennese glass.


sure to please you walk through the wonderful European capital like Vienna.What to bring as a gift - alcohol, chocolate, porcelain, jewelry and souvenirs - not significant.After all these sincere gift, presented to the soul, to help your relatives or friends to feel the warmth and hospitality of the Austrian capital.