Are excursions Ostankino tower?

Ostankino Tower - one of the main symbols of the capital of our country.Not everyone knows that this majestic architectural structure has a viewing platform.Visit it can be anyone, you need only to know when there are excursions to the Ostankino tower.

What is included in the excursion program?

Visit this object can only be in a group.Due to the large number of people willing to go on a unique observation platform is recommended to carry out pre-booking excursions on the official website of "Ostankino" or on the phone.The price of admission includes one o'clock stay on the viewing platform, as well as visiting the Museum of Broadcasting and a detailed account of the history of the building.Perhaps the service in different languages ​​in the formation of groups of tourists.Today Ostankino tower excursions include a visit to the closed and open observation platforms.Views of a truly fascinating, but remember that access to fresh air at a dizzy height is only available during the warmer months when th

e weather is good.

Ostankino Tower: tours, restaurant photos

There symbolic tower in Moscow and its own restaurant.For more information about the possibility of visiting the places after the tour you will get the manager when booking, as periodically its facilities repair and restoration work.During a visit to this unusual object you'll want to take a picture.FYI allowed to make photo and video using amateur techniques throughout the tower.

How to get to the seventh heaven?

Ostankino tower tours are conducted only after the registration of all members of the tourist group.Be sure to bring identification documents.Try not to be late - Registration of participants of the tour begins in half an hour, then you must pay the entrance fee.To avoid misunderstandings, please read the rules of pre-site visit.

Standard mode - from 10:00 to 21:00, the holidays may change the schedule of excursions.If you want to save on the excursion program, teach that the cheapest are morning sessions during the week.The climb to the observation deck with the kids can be if they are over 7 years.Do not forget to grab and documents young explorers heights.Guided tours for schoolchildren and students.

Is it worth spending time on this event, whether or not so good tour to Ostankino Tower?Reviews of the site visit most enthusiastic.Be wary go enjoy the view if you are afraid of heights.The most common complaint after visiting tourists - a small duration of the event.Also, not everyone likes the large lattice fence in the open air, but it is - a requirement of security, which can not violate.Excursions to the Ostankino tower will be interesting not only to visitors, but also by the Muscovites.This cultural program will take a look at the Russian capital in new ways and will bring a lot of impressions.