What to bring as a gift from Goa?

From any trip you always want to bring something special to friends and to please, and leave something to remember for yourself.If you think the question that brought from Goa, remember, in India, it is not necessary to wait for sales, but you can buy some unique things that just do not find in Russia.These purchases will long remind you of luxury fiery sunsets, stunning beaches and crystal clear waters of the warm Indian Ocean.So, what to bring from Goa?


perfect gift for a girl can become genuine Indian cosmetics.These are different therapeutic oils, creams and soap or toothpaste.The most popular brand is Himalya Herbals.Great coconut oil and Ayurvedic remedies manufactured by Biotique.In general, Indian cosmetics made of natural ingredients is of good quality.


If you go on a journey to India, the issue that brought from Goa, you can not worry much.Just buy the carpet of the local production.Indian masters are renowned throughout the world.Here you can find the ru

g for every taste and color: from cotton, silk, miniature models of various colors and shades.An unusual gift can be a product, a neon image that glows in the dark.


interesting that you can bring back from Goa original articles made of papier-mache.For example, magnificent tables, chairs and cabinets.The only thing we should remember that when choosing such a gift to be careful.Do not mix the product with the work of wood.In some areas, in papier-mâché craftsmen make excellent fakes, especially weighing and covering them with the desired color.


Maybe at first you think, what to bring from Goa decoration - not the best idea.However, it is not.Gold or silver, bronze or bamboo, graceful Indian products are different from anything that you have seen before.By purchasing a gift, you are sure to be original, because the second such decorations will not be found in Russia.It is necessary to pay special attention to this expenditure.


In Goa you can buy high-quality leather goods.Lovely bag, jacket or gloves can be found in the shops near the beaches.If you are willing to spend money, then pick up the clothes and accessories, printed or embroidered with gold brocade.


Well, what kind of India without the traditional sari!Famous cotton and silk fabrics - most favorite gifts of tourists visiting the country.Here you can find a decent shirt, shorts, dresses and shawls - all of excellent quality and at reasonable prices.


After all, should not be excluded from the list that can be brought from Goa and local souvenirs.Along with the traditional products are easy to find and the original show.For example, women can buy beautiful jewelry made of shells, natural cosmetics or scented spices.Men will enjoy the local Goan cigarettes or rum.A person of any gender can give tea, magnets or figurines of elephants.Most importantly, the gift was made from the heart!