Attractions Stavropol - the city that is the gateway of the Caucasus

Anyone who has ever been in Stavropol, will never forget this charming sunny city.It is very conveniently located on the hills, surrounded by forest.Hot summer there is enough places to hide in the shadows.And though he is based, by historical standards, not so long ago, in 1777, still boasts monuments of culture, history and architecture.With every desire Stavropol attractions you will not be able to view and week.

What attracts this city?It is the gate of the Caucasus.So they say about it in Russia.The name is translated from the Greek as "the city of the Cross", no wonder its symbol - a statue of a guardian angel who is holding a huge cross above his head.Besides that he - an outpost of the North Caucasus, as also the center of the eponymous province.It is important for the south of Russia.

In order not to get lost on arrival at these places, it is recommended to purchase reference Stavropol.It not only will help you navigate the terrain, but also talk about the history of the city and its surro

unding area.You can learn about its location - the 45th parallel, the highest point Ciscaucasia, between the Black and Caspian Seas.

In 1977 there was built a castle, which, because of its very favorable location, played a major role in the surrounding area.It was located at the crossroads of several important roads: from west to east and from north to south.Over time, the settlement grew around the fortress, it has increased steadily and became the basis for the future of the city.Sightseeing Stavropol, be sure to visit the ruins of the fortress, protected by the state.From the historic core, leaving only a fragment of the wall, located on the top.It leads to a cascade staircase, is the pride of the Castle hill.

most often do not have time to inspect the entire city of Stavropol, dostoprimechatelnosti.Foto in this case will help to choose the most interesting places that you have time to visit.Therefore, initially, read the directory, and then make a decision.In the meantime, briefly tell you what the most famous sights of Stavropol.

German bridge

Its engineers have designed in Germany, hence its name, and was built, most likely, the German and Austrian prisoners of war.Photograph it entirely impossible, as it stands in the forest.Interestingly the bridge that was built almost without the use of concrete (from the Stavropol limestone).

Assumption Church

the blessing of Father Paul, abbot in 2010-2011 made a partial reconstruction and finish for pilgrims and tourists Kyoto.The church is very revered by locals, it was not closed even during the Great Patriotic War.

explore the attractions of Stavropol, you must pay attention to other monasteries and churches: Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, Transfiguration Church, the church of Alexander Nevsky and Panteleimon, the Cathedral of St. Andrew.

Very beautiful Victory Park and Central Park.They are large, many green alleys in their weekly rest, more than 80 thousand people.

recommend to visit the zoo and the Stavropol boundary zooekzotarium.They are a real museum of nature, which contains some of the animals that are threatened with extinction.

Art lovers can visit the art gallery Grechishkina PM, at the Museum of history of the Cossacks, the house-museum family Lopatin, in the manor Smirnov, in the historical and cultural reserve and the edges of the Museum of Fine Arts.

And all this is only a small part of the local attractions.Choose what you like, and enjoy your vacation!