Where to go for a vacation in the winter sea?

If the holiday falls on a cold time of year, and relax on the beach and swim still want to, have to think about where to fly in the winter sea.Different directions can be quite a lot, it all depends on personal preference and budget travel.So, where in the winter a holiday by the sea?

Holidays in Egypt

country on the Red Sea coast, has long been loved by tourists.Egypt is among the countries where you can relax in the winter the sea is inexpensive, especially compared to the exotic islands.The average temperature of winter months is about twenty-five degrees, and the sea is a bit colder - its temperature is about twenty-two degrees Celsius.The most popular for winter recreation resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.The advantages of these places are in good correlation of price and quality, as well as the picturesque Red Sea.For example, not far from Sharm el-Sheikh is the bay of Dahab, where there are many coral reefs and colorful fish.Divers from all over the world go for diving is here.In his f

ree time, active vacation, you can go on a tour, because with the Egyptian pyramids little able to compare.

Beaches Thailand

Another place to relax in winter sea really great, is Thailand.Here you will find rest for every taste - from eco-tourism to scuba diving.And all this against the backdrop of beautiful exotic nature.The average temperature during the winter months is about thirty degrees colder water is not twenty-five.The most popular destinations in the country - Phuket and Pattaya.However, almost all the coast of Thailand is a great beach, so if you wish you can choose less crowded place.Good-natured locals, high level of service and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at low prices even help a great budget holiday.

Holidays in the Maldives

Maldives - this is a real gem of the Indian Ocean.This is the place where the rest of the sea in the winter - a real pleasure.The temperature here is about twenty-eight degrees, the sea water is also incredibly warm.Democratic in the cost of a vacation will not name, but the experience and the pleasure derived for days spent here, are definitely worth the money spent.In the ocean there are many popular systems with the highest level of service, many of them have not only private beaches but also SPA-programs.


Canary Islands Canary Islands are among the areas where the winter to rest and enjoy the sea to those who are not too fond of the heat.It is soft, comfortable temperature provided by the cold flow and the influence of the trade winds.The islands have volcanoes, a lot of interesting places for sightseeing, the entertainment industry and, of course, beautiful ocean.The water temperature does not drop below twenty degrees, so you can swim even in the coldest months of the year.