Miami attractions warmest American resort

One of the most favorite places of all Americans is Florida.The favorable climate, golden beaches, magnificent parks, plenty of entertainment, the atmosphere of joy and fun - all this attracts not only the residents of the nearby towns, tourists from all over the world are also happy to come to Miami.Landmarks of American tourist center of the imagination, there will not be bored either children or adults.

Miami history began in 1891 when widowed Julia datolite acquired an estate here.Women have always wanted to live there, where it's always warm and grow oranges.The travelers found refuge with Julia, and paid for the hospitality shown to him hard.It was not long, and has grown from a small estate a settlement.In 30-ies Miami became a full-fledged city, and after the Cuban revolution, began to arrive here as immigrants, savvy in tourism, also the tourist center of the USA.

Today it is not a town, and individual administrative units.Of course, no boundaries divided Miami.Attractions of this area are

striking for its bright colors, modern and interesting ideas.There will not be bored as the beach lovers and outdoor activities.The resort offers a lot of tours and excursions in a unique place, you can visit museums, zoos, safaris, aquariums.

will get to know the city bus tour called "The History of Miami."Sightseeing of these places appear at a glance.Tourists will be able to look at the university, home Sylvester Stallone, as well as many other places to see, known for popular movies or clips.During the tour, you can get off the bus, to buy souvenirs and take pictures of their favorite attractions.Many pleasant hour and a half cruise on a luxury yacht on Biscayne Bay.Tourists proplyvut along the coast, look at the Fisher Island neighborhood Millionaire's Row, home to millionaires and celebrities, as well as admire the scenic views from the water on Miami.

landmarks are largely related to nature.Adults and children can visit the aquarium, which occupies more than 150 thousand m2.Every day held a variety of shows with marine animals: dolphins, sea lions, killer whales.Excursions to the double-decker buses - is a favorite with tourists exploring the way to Miami.Landmarks, photos which evoke admiration and a desire to see them with my own eyes, show the city on the other hand, will tell about its history.

Many vacationers enjoy the park "Jungle Island", where live flamingos, twin orangutans, lions, tigers, lemurs and other exotic animals and birds.If unsure about that, what else is to see the sights of Miami, or where to go, then you should definitely go for a ride on the Biscayne Bay by speed boat.This tour will bring a lot of positive emotions and fun.To see the city at night, you should go on a cruise on a yacht, where the real party is held.On board there is a bar, and a professional DJ spinning music for all ages.Holidays in Miami will be remembered for a long time to be bored in this city fun and joy will not be anybody.