The most popular attractions of Rimini

on the coast of the Adriatic resort number one is the city of Rimini.Many tourists precisely because he fell in love with Italy.Attractions Rimini presents many interesting monuments of history.

This is not just a resort town.At this point, with the ancient Roman buildings adjoin also great medieval buildings, and the treasure of Renaissance architecture, such as the Temple of Malatesta, you can associate an atmosphere of magic films by Fellini, Rimini is because of his birthplace.The director was born in a quiet neighborhood of fishermen with old houses and narrow streets.There is also the grave of the great master - it can be seen entering the cemetery of the city - it is a monument in the shape of the nose of the ship.

Having managed to keep the gifts of emperors - pyatiarochny Tiberius Bridge, a large amphitheater, as well as the Arch of Augustus, Rimini attractions, photos of which can be seen in this article, surprised by its elegance and harmony.And every newly constructed building in the ci

ty did not violate its architecture, maintaining a unique atmosphere.

Attractions Rimini Malatesta fortress

This fortress was built in the fifteenth century.It consists of four parts: a two-storey central building, the Palace of Isotta, palace masks and a large yard.

Attractions Rimini Malatesta Temple

Malatesta Temple was built medieval rulers of these places.It involves an incredible atmosphere of Fellini's films.

Center Rimini - Piazza Cavour

area surrounded by magnificent palaces - the Palazzo del Arengo, and Comunale del Podesta.Also at this point it is the neoclassical theater.Fountain Pigna is a real gem of the city.

Attractions Rimini Triumphal Arch of Augustus

This arch was erected in honor of Augustus residents.It was originally built in the walls of the city.

Municipal Museum in Rimini

The museum is located in a building in a former 13th century Jesuit residence.Here in the halls of forty presented about fifteen thousand objects that tell about the history of this city.

Attractions Rimini Roman amphitheater

Roman amphitheater with an arena for gladiator fights can accommodate up to twelve thousand people.

Park "Le Navi" in Rimini

Park Catholics will be able to introduce the habitat of thousands of fish and give a glimpse into the depths of the planet.


Take a tour can be in San Marino, in addition to Venice, Rome, Florence.Surroundings of Rimini are also of great interest.Near the city is the Republic of San Marino, the Castle of San Leo and Gradara and fifty kilometers to the north - the city of Ravenna, which is associated with the great Dante.

relaxing on the beach of the city is different from other resorts in Italy.Initially, striking the complete absence of a beautiful natural landscape.Here, a large number of low-rise buildings, reminiscent of the endless concrete jungle.This resort is extremely popular with tourists, taking one of the main places of secondary visits among other Italian resorts.