The popular hotel "Tirana Aqua Park" (Sharm el Sheikh)

Hotel "Tirana Aqua Park Resort" until recently had in its title the word "Sunrise."Therefore, sometimes looking in the network under this name.This hotel itself is not on the beach, but this disadvantage is more than pays presence right at the beautiful water park (with what, in fact, bind its name) and a number of different pools.Families with children, who often visit the hotel "Tirana Aqua Park", as a rule, recommend it to others and come here often.The hotel is not too far from the airport (five kilometers), so to get here after the flight is easy and a lot of time moving will not take.

«Tirana Aqua Park" (Sharm El Sheikh).The rooms and service

This hotel has five hundred and ten rooms.310 of them - is the standard rooms are typical for a good resort: large, comfortable, modern, with a balcony, safe and mini-bar (every day to put a bottle of water per resident).There are also family rooms in two categories and eight suites.All are air conditioned and all have the opportunity to watch televisio

n with Russian channels.The staff cleaned every day and perfectly speaks many dialects.So that you always understand.In the lobby there is an Internet cafe (to use the network, you need to buy a special card).Is there a possibility to park a car, rent a car, wash things.Fitness club "Planet Spa" offers a massage service, a Jacuzzi, hammam and sauna.

«Tirana Aqua Park" (Sharm El Sheikh).Power

accommodation "all inclusive" works in the main restaurant "Scheherazade."And other places, specializing in Lebanese, English, Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisine, served on the principle of "a la carte".But wishing to enjoy different nations do not have to envy those who eat on the menu.The main restaurant too, every day is dedicated to a national cuisine, including Russian.24 hours a day and a bar at the reception.A lot of different food outlets near the pools and on the beach.

«Tirana Aqua Park" (Sharm El Sheikh).Sea and watersports

beach near the hotel is there, there is a free shuttle to every quarter of an hour.However, entrance into the sea from the shore, and on the pontoon.If you are going to swim, it is better to have special sneakers, not to cut yourself on the corals.Divers have a place to turn around - great riffs, there are special centers for training beginners and maintenance specialists.Places on the beach a lot, and there are special wicker screens, closing from the wind.In addition to the services of visitors - a water park with eight pools (including children), artificial waves, a variety of slides ...

«Tirana Aqua Park" (Sharm El Sheikh).Traveler rating

Many guests find it the perfect place to relax.Special praise has received positive minded, courteous staff.Many were pleasantly surprised that the front desk did not ask for a tip for a settlement in the best rooms.The rooms all works perfectly, and if that fails, then the reaction is instantaneous managers.Works great and animators.They show programs entertained everyone from young to old.Tourists praise slides, noting not only that you can ride on them all day long, but also the safety of amusement.