"Domina Coral Bay Oasis" - a good "five" in Sharm

«Domina Coral Bay Oasis" belongs to a chain of luxury hotels.Its staff is famous for its special attitude to guests.This hotel has an almost ideal location.Of course, it has its own private beach, with is very close (just four kilometers) from the center of Sharm and the famous Naama Bay.A little more distance separates the object in question from the airport.The hotel has four hundred and fifty-odd rooms, which are other than the standard set of amenities to offer guests a more safe and mini-bar.You can also conduct various business meetings and seminars.The hotel has seven rooms, specially equipped for such receptions.We can say this is one of those hotels that are perfectly will present Egypt.

«Domina Coral Bay Oasis" attracts visitors numerous activities, including exclusive.First of all, it is one of the best on the coast of the Red sea for deep sea diving centers.Local fitness room will help you relax in the Jacuzzi or a massage.In addition, his team also advise diet and pick up the necessary me

dical cosmetics.Hotel "Domina Coral Bay Oasis" is famous all over for its amazing charm disco "Smiley."You can order individual programs for VIPs - businessmen, diplomats and politicians.And most importantly, that they are happy!

Most modern beach hotel provides its visitors with free access to the Internet.However, Egypt is still a rarity.Nevertheless, "Domina Coral Bay Oasis" has no Wi-Fi only in the lobby and rooms, as is the practice in the Turkish "Five", but also on the whole of its territory.And it is - one of the great advantages of the hotel.In addition, there is an excellent view.The beach itself stretches away for almost two kilometers, and the services of divers - a beautiful coral garden of the reefs.Here you can watch all kinds of fish of incredible colors and predatory moray eels.On the beach there is always free sunbeds.Many of the problems associated with the lack of space, or the fact that the people in the morning take trestle better here simply does not exist.At the disposal of those who are afraid of salty sea, or come in the winter - a huge swimming pool with warm water.There is a good children's "splash."

«Domina Coral Bay Oasis" is amazing the number of "power points" as well as the abundance and quality of food.Eleven Seventeen restaurants and bars (including five near the pool) to satisfy the tastes of any gourmet.Among the cafes there are paid, with the regime "a la carte".Mainly feed on an "all inclusive".Many types of meat (including duck's flesh and mutton), an abundance of seafood, crab, fruit ... the world of cuisine - from the Middle East to the Mexican.Original cocktails in bars appreciated by almost all visitors.In addition, vegetables are supplied to the table, - own.They are grown on a special farm in an environmentally friendly hotel environment.

Tourists like "Domina Coral Bay Oasis."Reviews about this hotel and say good variety of food, the guests highly praised the pools and beach.Not forgotten, and animation.The hotel has mainly Italians, and their skills to entertain the audience did not go unnoticed.There are two theaters in the evenings is offered live music, and nearby is a very decent nightclub.Many say that their neighbors 'Domina' favorably with the largest coastline, a vast territory with plying between the buildings and restaurants, shuttle-bass with very low cost prices.