What does the food stock in the hotel?

When we're going on vacation, then try to think through all the details.This also applies to the choice of the hotel.In this case, we rely on the testimonials of people.

Very often we ask ourselves: "What is the power AO and FD?"Such signs can often be found in descriptions of hotels.Now we see what it means "the power of JSC".Consider then, when this type of food is acceptable, and when - no.

Power SA: what it means?

Translated ┬źaccomodation only┬╗ means "just the location."That is, the rate does not include meals, for it you will have to pay separately.

As a rule, this type of food offering budget hotels where travelers need only apartments.Of course, you will be offered this option in expensive hotels.

Aparthotel is perfect for a family holiday, it will find a small kitchen with all accessories where you can prepare their own meals.

Power SA: for and against

Do not be afraid of the word "budget", to rush to abandon this type of food, as well as look for more expensive seats.There are some s

imple reasons why people prefer to AO.Meals of this type has a lot of positive and negative moments.

  1. you want to spend a vacation with the whole family?Then consider the needs of each member.Usually kids at sea often refuse to eat, and adults can not choose for themselves the right food from the proposed list of all dishes.In this situation perfectly rescue kitchenette, as well as the nearby cafes.
  2. advantage of this type of food can be and when you come to rest in this country for the first time and is not completely sure that you will approach local specialties.Therefore, in order not to risk, it is easier to find a suitable restaurant with European cuisine.
  3. During holidays we try to go to different places, and back to the hotel only in the evening.If you want to spend your vacation in the daily excursions, the binding to the dinner would not be very helpful.
  4. Another advantage JSC - an opportunity to save money, if you want to come for a couple of days (do not plan a long vacation).It is best to choose an expensive hotel, but without power.
  5. If a person chose this type, it means that he's going to save.In particular, this applies to exotic countries.Indeed, the majority wants to visit different restaurants and try the most original dishes.Therefore, people who go for the exotic, selected stock.By the way, resulting in a more expensive vacation.
  6. dealt with the fact that the mean power AO, now consider the reverse side of the coin.From the hotel included in the price of food should not refuse for some reason.For example, you do not know the language, even buying a simple bread becomes a problem for you.The same rule applies to those who first came to rest.If your vacation will consist of watching nearby attractions and the beach, you will this food will not do.After all, for lunch in a cafe or restaurant will have to pay more.

Now you know what it means to stock food, and you can decide for yourself, it is suitable for you or not.