What are the designations Dining?

If you are planning to book a hotel, then you will need to choose food.They are several.We'll tell you what are the designations Dining.We will tell about each detail, so you can easily decide which is right for you.

designations Dining

type OB

This abbreviation means that you are provided with accommodation, but without power.Meals need to be ordered in addition.

Power type BB

This option consists of a breakfast only.For additional food will have to pay.

should be noted that in many countries the cost of the hotel immediately and breakfast included.In Mexico, for example, it bought as desired.

designations Dining: breakfast types

CBF (Continental Breakfast)

He is the most conservative.Usually served in the hotel (European) 2 * -5 *, and sometimes in schools of the lowest category (2 * -3 *).The breakfast consists of bread rolls, butter, eggs and coffee.

ABF (American breakfast)

This denser breakfast option than CBF.It is similar to a continental, but added to it vegetables, cheese

and several kinds of sausages.This type is common in Western Europe and in America.

BBF (Buffet)

This type of food is the most popular for breakfast.It is sometimes referred to BB.This version of power - the most abundant of all.It occurs in all hotels around the world.In a breakfast includes meat and dairy products, confectioneries, fruits and vegetables, as well as local drinks.

Under nutrition "buffet" means that holidaymakers can eat as much food as he can, while the number of approaches to the table is not limited.The quality and quantity of food on a table depends on the property.

English breakfast

This is a rare type of food.As a general rule, it includes the following products: butter, toast, fruit jam, tea or the coffee, juice.

What else are designations Dining?

HB (breakfast and dinner)

In other words, "half board."In some hotels it immediately included in the price.It is possible to further dozakazat lunch or dinner, paid for locally.

DNR (dinner)

Meals can be of two types: a "buffet" or the usual menu.In some hotels, "buffet" available with restrictions (for example, on cold dishes).

FB (full board)

This type includes 3 meals a day.The first and last meal are presented in the form of a buffet.At lunch and dinner, you need to pay extra for drinks.

FB + (enhanced meals)

The price includes three meals a day with soft drinks.

Brunch dinner

This type of supply means breakfast, gradually turning into dinner.The next meal - dinner.Drinks are also included in the price.

Power "all inclusive": designation of these types

Mini all inclusive (full board + drinks)

consists of three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.The cost of drinks is included in the fee.You can use them at any time, but the number is limited.

ALL (all-inclusive)

The price includes 3 meals + drinks in unlimited quantities.You need to pay extra for lunch, barbecue bars, lunch, snacks and a late dinner.Hotel facilities are also included in the price.

HcAL (upper class)

All the services offered by the hotel are included.

UALL (UAI) (Ultra all inclusive)

This type is an analogue of All Inclusive, but other than that, you can eat around the clock in unlimited quantities.Also you get drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), both locally produced and from other countries.The cost of this type consists of services and entertainment the hotel.

Now that you know what are the types of food designations in hotels, and you can safely choose the option that you enjoy.