Interested in Hurghada hotels?

Many Europeans have long appreciated the rest on the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt.Soft and warm year round climate, endless sandy beaches, unusual nature, historic architecture - all this attracts tourists.Tourism has become one of the favorite pastime of modern humans.People go on a trip to get a lot of new experiences, improve their health, to communicate with family, spend more time with their children.It is also important for a good rest and comfortable accommodation.

built according to European standards and fully equipped hotels in Hurghada."Jasmine" - one of them, it was built in 1988.He eventually restored, rebuilt.The structure of the hotel includes not only the main two-storey building as well as several two-storey buildings and single-storey cozy bungalow.All those interested in Hurghada (hotel "Jasmine"), reviews will be pleasantly surprised.Rested in the rooms of the hotel are happy with everything: food, and service, and appearance.

Staff at the "Jasmine" are always friendly and pol

ite.For each client - an individual approach.The opportunity to choose by number.Straight from the rooms have private access to the pool.Those who decided to visit the hotel during the winter, do not be afraid of cold water, in cold weather it is artificially heated.Very unusual and beautiful "Jasmine" -Hotel, Hurghada (photos can be seen below).There are several hotels close.And all travelers can safely walk to neighboring hotels - "Aladdin" and "Ali Baba."Hurghada hotels "Jasmine", "Ali Baba", "Aladdin" and famous for its cuisine.That's where you can taste the different people, to appreciate the local traditional food.Power type "buffet", everyone can enjoy every meal in a different quantity.

all good hotels in Hurghada."Jasmine" is located near the sea.Get off at the beach to take sea baths, you can directly from your room.Only we must not forget to grab a towel and slippers.Well-established customer service at this hotel.Apart from the fact that cleaning is carried out daily, at any time to take advantage of the laundry service, hairdresser, dry cleaning.Here in the hotel you can make the exchange of any currency.Cozy and comfortable hotel in Hurghada."Jasmine" very clean rooms, comfortable furniture, the presence of large balconies and loggias.There round the clock for guests are restaurants, bars.

quality hotels in Hurghada."Jasmine" - a good place for families with children.For younger guests every day is live entertainment, discos, excursions.The hotel built a small petting zoo that is home to exotic and rare animals.Near the "Jasmine" grow all year round beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs.Especially a lot of trees here, and a few species.To all grew and blossomed, workers have to exert a lot of effort.They spend part of daily watering, the soil treatment.Many plants are specially brought from other countries.