Half: what is it?

you going on vacation?Then think over all the details.Reading the description of the hotel, you can see a term such as "half-board."What it is?Now try to explain.Also highlighted what this type of power is different from the full board.

What is the half-board in the hotel?

If you plan to choose a hotel with this type of food, then look for the designation HB (Half Board).This option implies that the price includes lodging and two meals.Consider exactly what is included in the half-board:

  • breakfast - different food (pancakes, salads, fruit, eggs, cereal, granola, croissants and so on. D.) And soft drinks (coffee, juice, milk, tea);
  • dinner - just the food (salad, bread, fish or meat and sweet).Sometimes even served water in a jug.

Typically, food is on a buffet.Time consumption of food pre-defined and limited, say, eight to ten in the morning and from six to eight in the evening.In some hotels, you can book lunch instead of dinner.For everything else (drinks, snacks by the pool, drink) will h

ave to pay extra, though not immediately, but at the end of vacation.When you leave, you will be given a bill to pay.

addition to the usual half-board, there is advanced.He represents so - HB. +Such food includes breakfast, dinner plus alcoholic (local producer) and soft drinks during dinner.A specific list of drinks depends on the hotel.

What is different from the NV NV +?

Now you know the concept of "guest house" and "Half Board", which is this type of food, we have understood.The difference between them - the presence of lunch.Note that the full board - three meals a day and is free drinks (non-alcoholic) at breakfast.

Not suitable half-board

If you have enough food and drink for this type of food, you can do so:

  • directly from the hotel to pay the required amount, then in the right place type of food will be changed to the one you want.This can be either "all inclusive" or full board.
  • second option - you drive yourself to the restaurants and cafes.It desired to re-buy food and drinks.All you have acquired outside the hotel, it will be possible to carry the room.

expediency order the half-board in different countries

So, you have chosen the half-board.What is the type of food, in general, we have found out.Who will understand the usefulness of his order in different countries.Because of the differences of infrastructure (recreational activities) in all countries it is advantageous to choose.

in the resort town of Asia and Europe is advantageous to base this option supply, as outside the hotel there are many cafes, bars and restaurants where tasty and relatively inexpensive to feed.These places help out and when you want to see the local sights for a while forgetting about the pool and the beach.

hotels in Egypt and Turkey is better to abandon the half-board.In these countries usually go when they want to simply soak up the sun by the sea.For this reason, most of the time visitors spend on the site.Therefore it is better to choose the type of "all inclusive", as the extra cost for dinner is more expensive.

We hope you understand the concept of "half board."What is the type of food you are now clear.This means that you can easily decide whether it is suitable for you or not.