Holidays in Italy will never be forgotten

Italy attracts many tourists with its rich history and culture, this is a real treasure trove of art.Every town in Italy has its own look, its own unique features.Holidays in Italy will allow tourists to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of this country, will expand the horizons and an unforgettable experience.The main feature of this country is the warmth and hospitality of the locals who know how to be carefree and have fun from the heart, which is manifested in street festivities and carnival processions.

Almost all travel agencies offer tours to Italy.The cost of the tour includes airfare round trip, accommodation in three-star hotel, a comfortable bus transfers, excursions, and Russian-speaking guide.Tours to Italy will help save money.If you wish, you can select the type of food: BB or HB, and for an additional fee you can issue an Italian visa.It is true because of the tourist attraction of hot tours to this country almost never happens.

If the main tourist for a beach vacation in It

aly, you need to visit Rimini, which is the most famous resort on the Adriatic coast.Sandy beaches stretch along the coast about fifteen kilometers.There are first-class hotels, restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs, surfing and diving school, a yacht club and a variety of attractions.

All this attracts a lot of young people on holiday.But Rimini come not only young people, but many couples, some brought their children with them.For children there are water parks, theme parks, dolphins and other entertainment.You can just leave the child on the playground under the supervision of and easy to walk on a yacht, or scuba diving.

Holidays in Italy would not be complete without a visit to the famous cities of Venice, Milan, Pisa, Florence.Fans can purchase guided tours last minute to Italy combined with a program of rest, for example, plus vacation trips to the sea.It may be three-hour walking tour of the "Eternal City" of Rome, accompanied by Russian-speaking guide with a visit to the Colosseum, the Capitol, the Pantheon, the ancient Forum and other attractions on the study of which is probably not enough of a lifetime.

Rome called the open-air museum or a tourist mecca.Italy and is famous for its artists, poets and opera singers - apparently, the very air is permeated with art in Italy.Many cultural monuments located on the territory of the smallest state Vatican, takes just a few blocks away.Here is the famous Sistine Chapel with frescoes by the great Michelangelo.

lovers of opera at the request can dine at the Opera restaurant called Papa Rex and listen to singers of the Opera House.The truth behind this pleasure will have to pay extra.For an additional fee you can take a bus tour of the Night Rome.Many tourists dream of visiting the city on the water - Venice, home of the magnificent carnival or Milan, and visit the Dominican monastery, which survived the famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci "Last Supper".Holidays in Italy is possible in any season.In the summer - a well-equipped gorgeous beaches with soft, soft sand, and in the winter - ski resorts in the world level.Well, to make excursions and get acquainted with the numerous monuments of history and culture at any time of the year.

Practically every town in Italy there are many temples and houses, which are cultural value.From the number of shops and boutiques in Rome, Venice, Milan and other Italian cities just scatter eyes, so in his spare time, you can make a fascinating and inexpensive shopping.