Resort cities of Turkey - the best destinations

ancient city of Turkey are of interest for tourists thanks to the preserved monuments of historical heritage of various epochs.Many travelers are starting to trip on the territory of the former Ottoman Empire with a visit to Istanbul.But it is especially attracted to the Turkish resort city along the picturesque Aegean coast, where tourists visit the ruins of Pergamum available and Troy, Ephesus and Miletus, Didyma and Priene.Thanks to the development of tourism infrastructure, travelers can choose to host an excellent hotel on the Aegean and Mediterranean coast, and then to combine a beach holiday with exciting excursions, allowing to see the amazing architectural masterpieces.

Russian tourists most often choose to relax in the Turkish cities such as Antalya and Alanya, which has many nightlife, discos and clubs, restaurants, Turkish and international cuisine.Alanya is famous thanks to the sandy beaches and krupnogalechnym and tired of relaxing on the beach, travelers will be able to go sightseeing.T

hese include the Red Tower and built in the XIII century Alanian fortress ruins of the Roman city of Justinian, the ruins of the ancient shipyard and Sedry and stalactite cave.

considering the best places in Turkey for a summer vacation, you can select the town of Side, situated at a distance of seventy kilometers from Antalya, and is often called "open air museum".The resort is famous for its sandy beaches along the coast of restaurants and hotels, casinos and cafes, as well as interesting sights.The old town is surrounded by well-preserved city walls and into the historic neighborhoods can pass through the gates of the city, next to which are two powerful towers.

Attractions allocated fountain "Nymphaeum", the ancient Agora is the ancient slave market, the restored Roman baths.Behind the walls of the spa town is famous cemetery "Eastern Necropolis", the ruins of the Temple of Athena and Apollo, a picturesque waterfall Managvat.And if you want travelers to be able to go in the surrounding area of ​​Side ancient city of Perge and Aspendos.

If you are not attracted to the major cities of Turkey, you can go on being near Antalya Kemer resort village, which until recently was a small fishing village.It is located on the site of ancient Lycia, and its territory can be viewed during short walks.

Attractions Kemer is an entertainment center «Yoruk Park», the design of which resembles an ancient nomadic parking and visitors can watch artists at work and dine in the restaurant, made in the form of a yurt.Tourists will enjoy the park and the «Moonlight», where dolphin, small shops and a golf course.During a holiday in Kemer travelers can go on excursions to Mount Yanartash burning in the ancient cities of Phaselis and Demre, on the island of Kekova.

choosing places in Turkey for a winter holiday, you can pay attention to Bursa, located just thirty five kilometers from the resort of Uludag, which offers excellent conditions for skiing.Staying in Bursa, tourists can combine skiing with sightseeing of the Ottoman Empire.It was erected in the XV century Green Mosque, located next to the temple of Mehmed Mausoleum, the tomb of Osman Gazi, medieval caravanserai and many minarets.To feel the national color of Bursa, you need to go to the area Charshi, where the bazaar you can buy the finest lace, silk products, luxurious fabrics and all kinds of souvenirs.