UK Cities

Britain - an island nation located in the west of Europe.The main part of the country is located on the largest island of Europe - United Kingdom.Part of the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland is located on the island of Ireland.

the UK's largest cities are located on the same island.First of all, it is London - the capital of the kingdom.This city - the largest in the British Isles.Its area equals 1560 square kilometers and a population of more than seven million people.It is the center of political and cultural life, a major transport hub and seaport.City arose under the Romans, is today one of the most famous in the world.

UK cities are known for their unique atmosphere and beauty of the island.One of the most charming - a city of Bath.It features Georgian architecture, included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage monuments.As well as London, it was founded in Roman times, immediately becoming one of the best resorts.

Glasgow - a port city in Scotland.It is a green "island" with a lot of pa

rks and alleys, which is characterized by an incredible architectural diversity, so it has been named "City of Design and Architecture."There are a lot of famous palaces, museums and churches.

Birmingham - a city in central England.It is home to more than a million people.

Belfast - capital of Northern Ireland.Britain's largest port on the Irish Sea.It is home to about 600 thousand people.Founded in the 12th century.Today it is a major center of industry.

Many cities are on the coast of the UK.One of the country's sea pearls - the city of Bournemouth.It is small (only 160 thousand inhabitants), but with endless beaches, piers and promenades.No less popular resort who adore all Londoners - a city of Brighton.Today it is a popular place for a weekend refreshed and restored, because in recent years has come to a rather dilapidated condition.

Cardiff has a rich history.He remembers many conquerors, including the Romans, Vikings and Normans.It left a deep imprint on the industrial revolution.The town is inhabited by about 300 thousand people.This is one of the youngest European capitals.

Windsor is not the Thames.The famous Windsor Castle was built more than 900 years ago, when William the Conqueror.

Winchester already in Roman times was among the settlements, which are then turned into a major UK cities.Alfred the Great made it the capital of Wessex.

York - the old town with its narrow streets, walls, medieval buildings is one of the most beautiful in the kingdom.

Liverpool - a fairly large city, with a population of over 400 thousand people.In the middle of the last century, it became a popular center of youth culture.And the most famous cultural phenomenon born here, is the legendary The Beatles.

Canterbury - a small town, which is famous for its early Gothic 15th-century cathedral with the crypt of Norman (the oldest part of the church), erected in the 12th century.The three-part chapel of the cathedral lies fallen Hundred Years War the Black Prince.

Cambridge - located 70 km from London.It is the oldest university center, which boasts a kingdom.Few cities can boast the UK such a history as this.During the bourgeois revolution it was a stronghold of the parliamentary forces.Today it is the center of the country's universities.

Edinburgh - the heart of Scotland.It is home to about half a million people.It is a major center of culture, famous for its festivals.

surprisingly multifaceted cities in the UK, they do not look alike, all are unique and worthy of a visit.