Virgin Islands: an extravagant vacation

Virgin Islands - US ownership is located in the Caribbean Sea, 120 km from the peninsula of Puerto Rico.The total length of these territorial possessions is 355 m2.On the territory of the largest island are: St. John, St. Thomas, Water Island and Santa Cruz, as well as a large number of small reefs and islets of extraordinary virginal beauty.

Travel to US Virgin Islands can be done at any time of the year - even climate (average temperature of +22 C, even in winter), an abundance of pristine nature, untouched by human activities make this place more popular.For those travelers who prefer the beauty of marine life offer a wide range of entertainment: windsurfing, sea fishing, scuba diving, boat trips along the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

for sports people are created excellent conditions for a diverse and active recreation: yachting, upscale golf golf, badminton, football, polo and more.Tourist trip to the Virgin Islands is the perfect beach holiday.Local sandy beaches (about 40) are considered to

be the cleanest in the world.Tourism is booming every year, recreational infrastructure develops in all entertainment and cultural institutions of the island employs nearly a third of local residents.

US Virgin Islands - a holiday for the extravagant people.Here you can watch the race crabs, take part in the costumed carnival, interesting and unusual rituals, festivals, take guided tour in the beautiful and uninhabited peninsula Bucks.You will enjoy first-class service in hotels and restaurants, you will get great pleasure from shopping at local shops, and will be delighted with the beauty of the picturesque hills, bays with clear water and cozy coves.

Cuisine in the Caribbean is characterized by sophistication and diversity.The basis of the menu is seafood and saltwater fish.Prepare these products in different ways, some naveivaet Asian flavor, memories of other African countries, and others are borrowed from Europeans.But do not think that in addition to fish there is nothing else, the choice of dishes and products will delight the most sophisticated gourmet.

Virgin Islands are also rich in history and cultural heritage, there is much to see and what to visit.For example, a relatively large island of Saint Thomas - a modern, comfortable and chic.On St. Thomas, worth seeing Market Square Charlotte Amalie Fort Christian, Mount St. Peter Castle Blackbird.Be sure to walk around the shops and exotic shops, visit the trendy nightclubs and just feel the classic American atmosphere.In the Caribbean is one of the most visited places are well developed tourist industry, so guests come here from all over the world.

If you want solitude with nature and want to spend some quiet time, then come to the island of St. John.Its territory is National Park, which is under federal protection.This island is a model of eco-tourism in the Caribbean.

between the two islands is a picturesque island of Santa Cruz.Here you will find a bit of everything, entertainment and detachment, and dive into the regional culture - is a versatile holiday destination for those who want to combine business with pleasure.On the island you can visit the colonial town of Christiansted, unspoiled beaches with soft sand and wineries Cruzan.

For tourists Televisions flight on the twin-engine plane, diving, boating and yachting, sport fishing, windsurfing.Virgin Islands - a great opportunity to treat yourself to excellent service and mass entertainment services.