Crossover Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot - crossover, which premiered in 2008. Honda Pilot - full-blooded "American."The design of this car was designed at the California design studio Honda .To learn how to deal with capricious "American" tells book on repair and maintenance of car Honda Pilot publishing monolith.

External dimensions decent car length 4870 mm, width 1995 mm, height - 1845 mm.With such dimensions Pilot slightly inferior Mazda CX-9 and Audi Q7 , and even the width of the bypasses them.Of course, Honda Pilot three rows of rear seats, and all seats are molded for three passengers, for a total of eight seats.
exterior design Honda Pilot without any frills.The car has a "square" shape.All understanding of the vehicle formed by different criteria.Some appreciate stylish design, even in front of them one of the biggest off-road vehicles.Other big car associated with rudeness.For connoisseurs of the last just fits Honda Pilot .

For those who prefer such cars in the first place "filling".A Pilot it very interesting.First of all - a spacious interior.Even the highest car driver allows the freest landing, with tall passengers can be accommodated comfortably in the middle row of seats.In addition, even in the basic average number of passengers will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of his own unit climate control and heated seats.Rear sofas are regulated by the angle of the back and vperd back.As for the third row, then there can comfortably accommodate two, and if you get closer, you and three passengers.

The front panel has an abundance of straight, smooth lines.Plastic, which at first glance seems to be a pleasant, appeared stiff and obviously not the most expensive.Home interior - functionality.There are a large variety of compartments and a pocket-headed tremendous compartment located in the central tunnel.Selector lever is located on the front panel.The instrument panel has good informative and original performance.
Honda Pilot equipped petrol "six" with a capacity of 3.5 liters, 257 hp power of whichThe peculiarity of this engine - the system of partial shutdown of cylinders.Cost increases due to the motor system i-VTEC , which closes the valves or just one cylinder.In tandem with this work vigatelem five-speed automatic transmission, which operates smoothly and without delay.

Although the engine has good power, but he was lucky the car smoothly, without passion.Of course, remember the weight of the car 2 tons.On the road, the machine is very confident, even at a speed of 150 km / h, and in the cabin with the peace and quiet.At the height of the smooth progress.The move helps reverse parking sensors and a rearview camera, an image which is supplied to the mirror.
With its size of the car shows clear responses to the helm.Suspension fulfills all road pit unnoticed by the driver and passengers.
In an emergency, the machine behaves predictably: it begins to slide out of turn four wheels, and in response to the discharge of gas goes in a well-controlled skid, which is fast enough extinguished stabilization system.

terrain potential Pilot hidden in the button VTM-4 Lock .This button is forcibly blocked clutch rear wheels at speeds above 29 km / h.Ground clearance is 200 mm, and winter tires provide good continuity, both on track blurred, and in steep climbs.

Should "stuff" all possible gadgets cars SUV, if in fact the pavement move down several times a year? Honda Pilot a defiant appearance, excellent comfort, excellent functionality and good controllability.And what else should the owner of a large SUV?