Order and minibus hire with driver Hyundai H1 Grand Starex Moscow

Korean eight-van Hyundai H1 Grand Starex has established itself as the best vehicle for passenger transport in Moscow.Korean brands are popular in the global market and, in the opinion of users, not much inferior to such recognized brands as Volkswagen minibus taxi or Mercedes-Benz.

Salon Hyundai H1 is designed with the ability to move, transform and turn down, which makes the machine an irreplaceable when ordering service minibus hire for a wedding or other special event.Average seat is in the form of a table on which to place the fruit and drinks.The ceiling of the cabin is equipped with modern air cooling system, together with air-conditioned comfort while creating a passenger.For those who are sitting back, the user can adjust the climate and air ducts in the ceiling and in the legs.

turbo diesel with 2.5-liter and the power of 175 horsepower positioning Grand Starex, how fast and powerful machine.This allows ordering a van to the airport and other long-distance routes are not afraid of being l

ate.If you have to rent a van to the wedding, it is important that the trunk is quite roomy Hyundai H1, since it is necessary to carry a lot of flowers and gifts.Security transport guaranteed if rent a minibus with a driver.Led by even a small bus in the city of the best professionals, so hire a van without a driver in Moscow is fraught with considerable risk.In addition, the driver knows the specialist thoroughly urban routes.

on safety equipment manufacturer did not save: available Stability and traction control, reclining driver and front passenger seats equipped with airbags.For comfort, there is also heated front seats and adjust their height.Maneuverability minibus glasses visibility for the driver and passengers is beyond praise - transfer to the airport or from the airport to the hotel is for guests of the whole tour.

Ergonomics Grand Starex designed to trifles.Easy grip door handles, wide steps, surround interior, mobile seat makes Hyundai H1 convenient for travel.Rent a minibus - quite common in our time services demanded by business people who value their time.