The most striking sights of Novorossiysk

Novorossiysk - a port.Although one of the main tasks in the development of the city is to improve the various tourist areas.

City, thanks to long-term trade relations, has become a modern and well-maintained, with good infrastructure.At the same time no one can resist the romance of the Black Sea, multiplied by its storied history.

Main attractions Novorossiysk associated somehow with the wars, and here they were myriad.While many hiking trails can be attributed to natural formations.

So, talk about the war, many attractions of Novorossiysk."The sailor with a grenade" is in place, which held the defensive line."Undefeated" - a tribute to the shot and tortured in 1943.

over the highway near the plant "October" is an impressive structure, which depicts the four brush soldiers, firmly compressing machines.

considering further attractions Novorossiysk, you can select a well-known memorial called "Valley of Death", in whose territory the monument titled "Explosion".This composition, which is composed

of fragments of bombs, shells and mines.

Around town there are several small resort towns.Enormous popularity of n. The wide beam.At this point, there is a development of modern infrastructure and are apartment complexes.Going north, you can be in South Ozereyka and see the attractions of Novorossiysk - dolmens, resembling a large tower.

Abrau-Durso every day takes a lot of tourists.Their interest is due primarily to the fact that it is the birthplace of Russian champagne.

arrived in Novorossiysk and attractions which is not limited to the monuments worth visiting the largest freshwater lake in the region, which is located near the city.This lake Abrau maintained by underground springs.The water here is crystal clear, but drink it still is not worth it.

At a height of about 1 kilometer there is a monument calendar.Huge numbers (10 * 20 meters) talk about the liberation of Novorossiysk from the Nazis.

Out on the coast Sudzhukskaya braids, you can look at the Warlock Mount.Due to the warm mountain air and sea wind, this place is home to those who love jumping with paraglide.From here you can get in Myskhako.At this point, it grows directly on the vineyards.

Every year thousands of tourists come to Novorossiysk.Landmarks, photos of some of them can be seen above, and include the winery "Myskhako" which holds every November celebration of young wine.A huge number of secluded villages, arcuate beaches and the almost complete lack of infrastructure attracts lovers of secluded relaxation.Myskhako - this is the most naturalistic place throughout the city.

Novorossiysk promenade deserves special attention.It is suitable for hiking progulkok, almost everywhere you can go down to the sea and swim.Nearby is the Cape of Love and water park - the famous romantic corners.