What Sea in Egypt?

Who has not heard about the famous pyramids, the Sphinx, Luxor?Who is not fascinated by the legend of the treasures of Tutankhamun and ancient heritage of the priests?Perhaps the information about Egypt even own students, and if you ask them what is washed by the sea Egypt, you immediately replied - Red!

That's true, but not all.In fact, Egypt is washed by two seas - the Mediterranean in the north and in the east - red.To bathe in the waters of the Mediterranean, it is necessary to go to Alexandria.

Egypt is also popular among tourists for its resorts.Do you know about what the sea in Egypt, Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Taba offer welcome its tourists for swimming?Of course, the sea, full of rich marine flora and fauna, always warm and calm.

Red Sea is part of the Indian Ocean.Its length is about 1,000 km, it is located between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa.The sea is not no river flows, it is not replenished with fresh water.No flow of rivers carrying mud and sand, provides a clean reservoir.

What Egypt Sea - cold or warm?Of course, it is comfortable for swimming all year round: in winter the temperature is kept within 21, and in the summer reaches 27 degrees.

name comes from the color of the sea algae, which in the period of flowering water stained red.A more romantic legend about the origin of the name refers to the biblical times.When the water parted before Moses and his flock, when moving from Egypt to Israel, people went to the rocky bottom.Then he killed many Jews, coloring the water red.

lovers of the sea depths are aware of what the sea in Egypt.The rich world of marine life, coral reefs, various types of algae - is the wealth of water attracts adventurers from around the world.

than most impressive coral colony.These animals are unique - they collect water from calcium carbonate from which to build their colonies.Microorganisms are active at night, they sleep during the day hiding in burrows.If the night to go down under the water, the richness of colors is revealed in all its glory in the hour when the corals go "hunting".Red, yellow, blue, purple, round, flat - of different sizes and shapes.

South Sea rich underwater fauna.Here there are swordfish, fish, sail, barracuda, "bats" blue "gubanchiki."At the bottom, you can see sea stars, stingrays, echinoderms, sea cucumbers.Those who choose to walk on the boat, meeting with dolphins and huge turtles guaranteed.Turtles reach sizes of up to six meters in length of the shell, some of them weigh 500 to 600 kg.

For families with children an important question about what Egypt Sea - with a sandy bottom and coral?

in Sharm el-Sheikh, almost everywhere covered with small coral bottom, so it is advisable to wear special shoes before entering the water.Log into the sea in the resort of Hurghada is sandy, so it's an ideal place for children.

After relaxing in a friendly Arab country on the question of how in Egypt the most beautiful sea, one answer - Red.Egypt will not leave anyone indifferent tourists, bring a lot of experience, a positive charge and vigor.