Good beaches of Spain.

It is known that Spain is famous not only for its interesting historical sights, but also wonderful beaches.And last, there is quite a lot - more than 1,700!Today we want to offer you the best pebble and sandy beaches of Spain, as a place to consider everything - hardly feasible task.We hope that this will help you decide on the location for your dream vacation!

Spain: photos, beaches

If you want to combine a visit to the monuments of history with an unforgettable holiday by the sea, then travel to the European country.Indeed, in Spain there is continental, island, pebbly, sandy white beaches and even.Some of them are wide and long, lapped by the waves, others - small, secluded and quiet.However, there is one characteristic of almost all Spanish beaches feature - the presence of a blue flag, which symbolizes environmental cleanliness.In addition, there is great everywhere related infrastructure development that will make your stay eventful and memorable.

Just wanted to note that everything, inc

luding the good beaches in Spain are public and free, in contrast to, for example, in Turkey, where a large part of the coast is divided between hotels.So here you can safely go to any beach you like.The only thing you have to pay a rent of sun beds and umbrellas.However, you can take everything you need with you and stay on the part of the beach, sun beds not occupied rental properties.We offer to stay on the best beaches of this European country.

Spain - Costa Dorada beaches

Costa Dorada in translation from Spanish means "Gold Coast".The name of this region was picturesque sandy beaches, sparkling and shimmering in the sunlight.Costa Dorada is a great place for people leading an active lifestyle and sports.So, there are all conditions for windsurfing, sailing, as well as golf and tennis, horse riding and fishing.Costa Dorada are very good beaches in Spain that are perfect for family holidays.After all, the sea is very shallow and warm, and is located next to the famous theme park "Port Aventura".Along the coastline of the Costa Dorada stretch ridges that effectively protect the coast from the extreme temperatures.But the swimming season is not as long lasting as in other parts of Spain.Also in the summer often there are rains.

beach vacation in Barcelona

Spain, Barcelona - the beaches of the city will certainly become an integral part of a good rest.Especially what they were just great.The beaches in Barcelona extend for four and a half kilometers.It has all the necessary infrastructure.We offer several beaches to learn about the Spanish capital.

San ​​Sebastia

This beach is located in the western part of the coastline of Barcelona, ​​near the center of the city.It is quite large and populous.It was pleased to come to rest both tourists and locals.In the territory of San Sebastia are marine sports clubs, as well as a very interesting project as a beach library.

San ​​Miguel

This beach is small and is pretty quiet and calm environment.Where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent views of the rocky landscape and the azure sea.San Miguel is an excellent choice for a family vacation away from the noisy discos.


This beach is not only one of the oldest, but also refers to the largest and most popular in Barcelona and throughout Spain.On its territory there are several areas for volleyball, ping-pong table, a playground and even a library.Numerous restaurants is always ready to offer you the dishes of national cuisine, seafood and a variety of drinks.The only significant disadvantage of Barceloneta can be regarded as a large crowd of holidaymakers.

Costa de la Luz

This resort is located in the beautiful province of Andalusia (Spain).White sand beaches, located in this part of the coast, framed by undulating sand dunes and fragrant pine trees create a breathtaking landscape, forcing many tourists to return to the Costa de la Luz again and again.In addition to the beach lovers, this region is very much appreciated by fans of water sports thanks to the almost constant breeze blowing here easy.For example, in Costa de la Luz, you can see a lot of windsurfers and kiters, plying the coastal waters.

The Costa Calida

Considering the nicest beaches in Spain, not to mention the Costa Calida, located on the territory of one of the most promising resorts in the country - La Manga.Of particular note is its location.So, it is a 20-kilometer long sandy "sleeve", lapped by the waves from one side of the Mediterranean, and on the other - the waters of the Mar Menor (in Spanish - "Small Sea").Thus, in the same day you have the opportunity to swim in two seas.

Mar Menor lagoon is shallow.There is very high iodine content and salt, which makes the water temperature by two degrees higher than in the Mediterranean Sea.Taking in the Mar Menor sea baths, you not only get a lot of fun, but also improve your body, because its healing properties the local water is not inferior to the world-famous Dead Sea.

Beaches Torrevieja

choosing to rest good beaches of Spain, must pay attention to the town of Torrevieja.This place literally is the sunniest in all of Europe, because the sun shines here 350 days a year.In the city along the coastline stretching several beaches: Los Locos, La Mata, Acequia de Cura, Punta Prima and Naufragos.They all have very nice fine golden sand.Coast Torrevieja through the picturesque rocky terrain and numerous small secluded coves is very beautiful.City beaches are all necessary for a comfortable and varied holiday infrastructure: hire of scooters, catamarans, cafes, bars and restaurants, points of medical service, shops, deck chairs, umbrellas and so on. D.

Beaches Gvardemara

resort called Gvardemar de-Segur, located in the Spanish province of Alacant, it can safely be called a typical Mediterranean "beach paradise".In this small town at the height of the tourist season comes to 200 thousand holidaymakers.Local excellent sandy beach stretches for as much as 11 kilometers.Wishes for the time isolated from the noise and crowds, prevailing at the beach, can walk to so-called "free beach".This place lives up to its name, since you can not just sunbathing "in the buff," but also bring pets here.

Costa Brava

This resort is located in the Spanish province of Catalonia.Due to the very close Pyrenees Mountains are located, here the sun is not as scorching as in other regions of the country.As for the coastline, it is dotted with rocks, forming a picturesque small coves and capes.If you wish, you can always find a secluded cove and relax in peace and quiet on a clean sandy beach.Costa Brava is perfect for people interested in sports.Here you can play golf or tennis, horseback riding, scuba diving or windsurfing and fishing.

nudist beaches

wonder that Spain is one of the most visited countries, not only ordinary tourists, but nudists.This is not surprising in a country where almost half a century, there are the beaches, where there is no place clothes specifically designed for naked vacationers.So, one of the most popular places at the nudist club is a hotel under the name "Vera Playa", located in the northern part of Andalusia on the Costa Almeria.There is not only the three-kilometer naturist beach, but also expands the settlement nudists.I must say that if you like to go naked, the more comfortable place for leisure and accommodation, you will probably not be found not only in Spain but throughout Europe.

Several beaches, calculated on systems free from people and are located on the island of Ibiza.Among them we can highlight Playa de Kavala and Aykis Blankis.