Rest in Khost: reviews.

Hosta - it's incredibly picturesque resort, which occupies a small section of the area between the center of Sochi and Adler.He has a very harmonious and calm atmosphere.In this town like to spend time everyone who avoids noisy and crowded places of entertainment.Visitors from other countries and cities of Khost began to take about 100 years ago, and then from a humble village into a stunning resort with good infrastructure.

This place has everything that you need for interesting and comfortable rest: attractive beaches, a choice of restaurants and establishments of hospitality, a lot of attractions.The village became a town in 1899, with the first settlements appeared here much earlier.In 1912, it began active improvement of the resort - it is now considered the flourishing tourism industry.

Beaches Resort

main attractive feature of Hosts - it is the beaches, the length of which is more than ten kilometers.So, the beginning of the coastal zone takes in the Adler district, this extends continuous

ly from the center of Sochi.Local beaches are fully equipped.They have the opportunity to take comfort sunbathing or spend their leisure a variety of activities, as evidenced by the numerous reviews.Host also provides for a holiday with young children their beaches as the sea in this place is always clean and quiet.

Flora Resort

unique climatic conditions - is another important feature of this resort.They contributed to the development of unique flora.Walking through the squares and parks will give a huge amount of experience, as you can see a large number of exotic flowers and plants, as evidenced by the reviews.Host also offers to view the plantation of cork oak, perfectly caught on in the city.

main part of the excursion objects make natural attractions.At the same time, and fans will find historical monuments than to diversify their holidays in Khost.Reviews in 2014 of permanent guests positive: each of the attractions found in order and available for viewing.Khostinsky district is famous for its health resorts and spas, therefore, its guests will be able to seamlessly combine caring about the health of a pleasant holiday.Charming and quiet resort lovers of beautiful nature and beaches will not leave indifferent, like it and loving couples.

Cafe Hosts

range of gastronomic establishments is huge, talking about it and many rave reviews.Host offers vacationers conventional TASTE, cute cafes, as well as first-class restaurants where you can taste rare wines and enjoy the delicacies.Plane center of the street is a popular holiday destination, it is in the dining room, "Sycamore", one of the most popular and old facilities of the resort.Here the visitor is equipped with an open spacious terrace and two beautiful rooms, the menu is incredibly struck by the abundance of delicious and simple dishes at the same time.Among its features - a large selection of fresh pastries and a rich collection of Kuban wines.

Nearby is a cafe "Fortune" also enjoys great popularity.Here attracts numerous visitors a wide choice of meals and cozy atmosphere, there is always a relaxed atmosphere and sounds catchy music.Those planning to spend the night, it is best to take a table in advance.But the cafe "San Marino" will delight guests with pleasant prices, excellent quality food and exciting entertainment.In the daytime, you can relax in a very relaxed environment, while in the evening for the visitors held the fascinating shows.

Plane-Tree near the bridge on the street is a bar "wine cellar".This unique gastronomic restaurant combines classic pub, stylish club and museum.Here, enjoy a rest to all who choose good beer, with a passion for taste Kuban wines.To drink in addition offer visitors a variety of interesting snacks.Relishing in cozy surroundings, guests can play backgammon or chess.At the same time the most inquisitive will be interesting to assess the unique collection of exhibits located in the museum pub.

directly on the spa brochure is "Cheburechnaya."They serve excellent pasties, many holidaymakers come here on the way to the beach to take along your favorite treats.Nearby is the "tavern" where you can taste specialties khinkali and a lot of popular dishes from the Caucasus.A large number of attractive bars and cafes located on the beaches of the resort, so long to find a suitable place travelers do not have to.

hotel complexes

Host - a small resort in length, its population is small, although it is common to all small towns of the Krasnodar Territory.Moreover, the hotel can be called a city of comfortable and large, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.Host Vacation Network offers systems that are different comfortable rooms, highly skilled personnel, wide range of services.

few resorts can arrange a full family vacation.In this range of services includes comfortable accommodation, five meals.As well as health treatments, blends perfectly with the rest on the shore of the city of Khost (photo resort can be found on this page).Every tourist has the opportunity to find time for sightseeing.Choose the direction to help the friendly staff pensions.

In addition, the private sector offers tremendous opportunities for accommodation in the city of Khost (Sochi).Reviews of such housing is mainly left to those who want to save money on the trip.Locals welcome offer to settle in the rebuilt houses and take an apartment or room.This choice will help save some of the money, and give the opportunity to feel for a vacation mobile, settling in the city of Khost.The private sector (reviews about it for the most part positive, as the local people are always glad to guests) is also useful to those who come on holiday for a long time.But, however, have to organize their own meals.

Hotel "Crystal" (Host): reviews

It is located in the center of Hosts, just a hundred meters from balneofizioterapevticheskogo resort "Matsesta".Guests pension is waiting for a subtropical climate is cool and pleasant weather.This is a very nice place with an excellent pebble beach, which is 150 meters away in the city of Khost.Holiday prices which are lower than in the same Sochi, suggests the convenience and comfort of tourists.In the season of the cost of the hotel is from 1800 rubles.a day, and private housing can be found for 500 rubles.

Rooms are represented in different apartments.There are rooms with amenities designed for the unit, in addition, standard and two suites.All rooms have television, split system, comfortable furniture, refrigerator.The pension landscaped and fenced, everywhere a lot of green space and clean air.

Hotel «Aquamarine»

This is a budget holiday home, located seventy meters from the pebbly beach resort comfortable "Wave" and "Host."

The five-storey building with a loft and a lift, which was built in 2000 and reconstructed eight years later, is pension "Aquamarine" (Host).Reviews about him, mostly positive, and this is not surprising.Facilities include double and triple rooms in two categories: superior and standard.Each has a refrigerator, air conditioning and TV, as well as a daily cleaning service.

Yew-tree grove

Hosts The main attraction is a yew-tree grove.This reserve, which will walk through a very informative and interesting.It is part of the Caucasus Nature Reserve.Here you can find species of flora that grow on our planet another thirty million years ago.Among the unique plants there berry yew, evergreen boxwood.In his honor and was named Reserve.On the territory of woods it is possible to see about two hundred species of plants here and one is a historical object.

Khostinsky fortress

It is possible to go, heading to the northern part of the grove.This fortification - one of the most amazing objects area.It remains still unknown during the construction of the fortress, as well as its purpose.At the present moment offers travelers a look dilapidated towers and surviving parts of the walls.

Sights Hosts

wanting to learn many interesting facts about this city you need to go to the Museum of History.His fund is about 6,000 exhibits, most of which is devoted to the development of the tourism industry.It was the location of a house built before the Revolution, which is part of the most important excursion sites.This building was built in 1914 and was originally the seat of the People's House.The building was empty after the revolution for a long time, and then it became a cinema "Ray."In 1995, the architects recognized the building of an object of cultural heritage, since it is used for storage of priceless historical artifacts.

One of the most important archaeological areas of our country is the Valley hosts.Scientists claim that people began to settle in these places in the Stone Age.There is an ancient cave, available today for a visit.In the city there are also religious monuments.Thus, the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord struck stunningly beautiful appearance and excellent performance of the interior.Miniature resort town is ready to offer its guests a guided tour full of surprises.

Entertainment in Khost

The village entertainment industry developed well, wide beach area is not the only place of rest.There is a water park with lots of water rides and slides, where guests enjoy a vacation with children.There is a huge swimming pool, around which are set parasols and luxury sun loungers.While children have fun at the fountain, parents can sunbathe comfortably on the terraces.

The resort has a wonderful and diving center, located near the sanatorium "Caucasus".At this point, everyone can take lessons from instructors, rent the equipment needed for diving.For visitors to organize trips to the best diving sites.

The youngest guests will be interested to go to the amusement park, where the choice of attractions worthy of the highest praise.There have been equipped with colorful play area with safe games, while older children are happy to go to the race track.

Shops resort

is sure to pay attention to the shops, very popular among vacationers also enjoys Cossack market.At this point, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition, present, home-made wine and a lot of interesting treats.Gift shop called "Cat's House" is on the Plane-Tree Street.There are many statues of cats are sold.The city is considered to be the biggest shopping center "Athena", which includes shops of different specialization.