Island Dzharylgach (Kherson region): leisure, reviews, how to get there

pearl of the south of Ukraine was truly Dzharylgach - the largest island in the Black Sea.Officially it is uninhabited, but rich nature, unique climate, white sandy beaches and calm warm sea in the holiday season attracts thousands of tourists.


archaeological finds discovered on the island indicate that his area was inhabited during the Neolithic and Bronze Age.Island Dzharylgach mentioned in many works of ancient authors such as Ptolemy and Herodotus, and the myth of the origin of Dzharylgach braids, which connects the island to the coast, originated during the Trojan War.There is also speculation that the island where Odysseus and his men captured by the one-eyed Cyclops, this is Dzharylgach.This is evidenced by the texts of Homer, which describes the desert Goat Island, located off the coast and covered with dense forest, where the usual variety of wild goats.In the northern part of the Black Sea, where, as you know, these events took place, there is no other such islands.As for the fores

t, which is now the island is, the Turkic "Dzharylgach" means burnt wood or burnt trees.There is also a version that became the prototype of the island of Buyan, described by Pushkin in the famous poem.

Geographic features

Island Dzharylgach - Kherson region of Ukraine.It is located near the northwest coast of the Black Sea, eight kilometers from the town of Skadovsk, Skadovsk related to the district.They occupied an area of ​​62 square, and its length - 42 km.The western part of the island is connected with the village of narrow spit Azure.On its territory there are many salt lakes, which occupy 8% of the total area.The landscape belongs to the liman-sea lowlands.The maximum height of elevation above sea level does not exceed 0.5 m. The banks of the island bathed Dzharylgach and Karkinitsky Bay.


Due to the fact that, since 1923, the island was part of Dzharylgach Reserve "Askania Nova", and in 1927 became part of the Primorsky Reserve, managed to keep it a wonderful, almost untouched nature.Today it is a national natural park created to preserve the historical, cultural and natural values ​​of the northern coast.

Despite the fact that almost the entire territory of the island - a steppe flora him very rich.Here there are about 500 species of plants, 50 of which - are endemic, ie found only in a limited range.Among them 7 species of the orchid family.

fauna of the island is even more impressive.Here you can find 15 species of mammals, including wild horses, deer, mouflon, roe deer, fallow deer, raccoon dogs.The island has an incredible amount of different insects, ranging from colorful butterflies and ending WIDOW frightening tourists, not to mention the clouds of mosquitoes and black flies.

marine fauna is rich in shrimps, crabs, mussels, different types of fish, as well as the ubiquitous jellyfish.On the coast you can often see dolphins, of which there are 3 types: bottlenose dolphin, porpoise and dolphin.


climatic conditions on the island are ideal for families with children.In winter the temperature does not drop below -2 0 C, and in the summer does not exceed + 25 + 28 0C.Humidity, given the maritime environment is quite high, but the cool air flow coming in the warmer months from the continent, do not allow the climate to be too hot.Rains are rare here, the average rainfall for the year is less than 400 mm.The sea air is saturated with iodine compounds secreted by algae, and ozone and oxygen.Mixed with scents of local herbs, it creates a mouthwatering flavor memorable.


One of the features of the island is its versatility in terms of recreation.The bay, which separates the island from the coast Dzharylgach, shallow, allowing the water to warm up on the hottest days to 30 0C.Due to sunlight and shallow marine algae form at the bottom of the whole underwater meadows that attract many marine life in the form of fish and shellfish.On this side of the island is never big waves.The long sandy beaches of the large white sand and shallow depth make swimming in the sea as safe as possible, so this site is perfectly suited for families with children.Photo Dzharylgach Island, with its calm azure sea and white sand on the endless beaches, made in good sunny weather, beaches resemble the image of Thailand.On the opposite side of the island is washed by the cool waters which bring undercurrents.The sea is deeper and more hectic, which attracts surfers, scuba diving, fishing and other activities.

Holiday Island Dzharylgach

On the island there are no tourist facilities, health centers and private pensions, but in the summer time tourists are scarce.They come from the coast sunbathing on deserted beaches, admire the beauty of the Gulf of Dzharylgach, see animals in their natural environment, or simply relax in the lap of almost wild.Some settle for a long time, setting tents on the beach.This place is attracted and continues to attract nudists from the former Soviet Union.They are its beaches, traditions and rules.Knowledgeable people come here to improve their health with the help of therapeutic mud, which themselves and mined near salt lakes.

Those who decided to rest on the island of savage, it should be noted that out of "convenience" there is only one source of fresh water, make a fire without brought with wood and will not work due to the lack of trees, and hordes of mosquitoes after sunsetthe sun will not quietly enjoy the sunset.But even such inconveniences do not stop wanting to enjoy the untouched nature and visit the island Dzharylgach.Reviews of such a variety of vacation, but most converge in a common opinion that the experience of such adventure will last a lifetime.


only attraction of the island, except the sea, beaches, flora and fauna, is an old lighthouse, set on the eastern coast of the island in 1902 for money S. Skadovsk.It is known that the lighthouse was designed in France, one of the disciples of G. Eiffel and brought here unassembled.What is surprising is that he looks like the famous Eiffel Tower.Not far from the old lighthouse located a new set in 1997.Some of the tourists coming to the island, arranged to spend the night in the new lighthouse.The


Do not worry too much if you come in or Skadovsk Azure, but do not know how, and transportation to the island Dzharylgach.How to get there and what, tell the benevolent local population, some of whom earn the organization of excursions.You can get on their own.The easiest and safer to take the ferry in Skadovsk and an hour quietly sunbathing on the beach.You can also by the Côte d'walk through the braid, but will have to go a whole day and this route is dangerous because plait sometimes wash up.