The camp site "Lagoon South" - a perfect holiday for all

part of the Russian resorts are surrounded by delightful scenery and a number of unique healing springs, but the service remains at the level of the Soviet era, did not really like the rest.That is why many people prefer to travel abroad.Radically different from the rest of the recreation center "Laguna South."It made a bid for the most comfortable leisure guests well thought out menu and entertainment.The only negative - it's the price goes holiday is not cheap.

What is recreation

This is a fairly large and very cozy village."Lagoon South" covers an area of ​​about six hectares.The special charm adds a truly Russian landscape: on the one hand the base surrounds the mixed forest, where a nice walk on a sunny day, and on the other - a huge water area, the estuary of the South.

The area is well equipped, it is laid out and landscaped every corner.There are special paths for walking, riding on roller skates, bicycles.In addition, many specialized areas for active play, sports and other entertainme

nt.In winter and summer you Enjoy your stay on the basis of "South Laguna."

Accommodation at the recreation

Despite the large area, the management base "South Laguna" not after a number of tourists.Maximum number of guests - 120 people.All people are different, and therefore leisure available several cottages to choose from.For those who come with the family, there are three cottages with double rooms.They are called elements: "Water", "Earth", "Air".All of the rooms are made of wood, so provide comfort and warmth in any season.Thin woody surprisingly well with the surrounding nature.Each cottage has its own unique design: for example, for honeymooners and couples often offer "Air".Round four-poster beds and furniture in pastel shades create a special romantic atmosphere.

Each room is equipped with a bathroom, comfortable furniture, a TV and kitchen facilities.Guests recreation "Lagoon South" may at any time make tea or warm up in the microwave snacks.It offers a mini-bar.All rooms have a separate entrance from the street.

Most families can book a cozy two-story house individual "Mansion".On the ground floor you can come together as a family.There is a living room with fireplace, modern furniture, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area.The second floor is occupied by two bedrooms and a bathroom.The cottages are in great demand among the visitors base "South Laguna."

going to a corporate party or want to celebrate the birth of a great company and fun?Specially for you there is a cottage "House on the Water", which can be occupied at the same time 18 people.There are all conditions for comfortable rest: there is an equipped kitchen and a large dining area, a living room with a huge plasma TV, fireplace and pool table.A set of table games will be interesting opportunities to spend time in friendly company.Second floor - a six separate double bedrooms.You can take a sleeping (by agreement with the Administrator), and then the "House on the Water" instead of a much larger number of people.

A nice addition is the cleanliness in the rooms, the availability of fresh towels (3 per person), bedding, shampoos, shower gels and bathing caps.Rooms are cleaned during the absence of tourists daily.


Having a good car park makes the rest more mobile.Arriving by car, you get to explore the area, visit the nearby recreation center.Beach lovers can enjoy clean beaches, equipped places for swimming and fishing.Adults and children are happy to have fun in the water park.On the shore of moored boats and catamarans, visitors can ride on them at any time.

If you like outdoor activities, if there are children in the family, make sure you come here."Lagoon South" - recreation center, which takes care of the entertainment of its guests.There are equipped areas for volleyball, tennis and basketball courts, located in the territory of a track for skating and biking.All necessary sports equipment you get on base, with nothing to drive is not required.

skydiving lessons or a romantic balloon flight - it is an adventure that you will remember for years to come.

evening offers a cozy cafe where you can spend some quiet time for the most active disco.

Children created a luxury playground, divided into several zones, so that the children of all ages feel comfortable and safe.


prepared here are really delicious.The camp site "Lagoon South" offers to its guests a large selection of dishes prepared with fresh and quality products.The system of three meals a day, practiced buffet.Separately, a children's menu.For example, the breakfast offers a few types of cereals, scrambled eggs, casseroles and meats (cheese, sausage).For lunch - several types of first and second, variety of side dishes and snacks.Gorgeous herbal tea - drink brand.The bar is always a choice of wines, beers and classic liqueurs.The system "all inclusive" saves you from having to pay extra.

excellent service in the dining room, the staff are friendly and welcoming, always ready to help with the selection, to answer questions, to replace the dish, if something is not pleasant.Since the "Lagoon South" (Nizhny Novgorod region) is located near the city, for a change, you can go to dinner outside the base, but as the excellent food is already included in the price, there is a great need.


Bath complex is presented here in all possible variations.Japanese bath, performed in folk traditions, helps to hold a ritual of relaxation and recreation.Here there is also a steam room with aromatic twigs and herbs with fitobochka.Local experts will tell you the traditional subtlety: ofuro - a box with warm oak sawdust and sea stones furako - oak barrels on the outdoor veranda with hot and ice-cold water.

Base "Lagoon South" (Nizhny Novgorod region) is located almost in the center of Russia, so the rest without Russian steam bath with ice-cold pool, relaxation room and a massage room would have been unthinkable!

Communication with animals

own stable will give you a "Lagoon South" - recreation center with a population of handsome horses with shiny hair and a luxurious mane.Look after them professional instructors who know all about horses and completely in love with his job.They will tell about the character traits for pets, different breeds, will teach you the basics of equestrian sport and will give the opportunity to organize their own horseback riding.

Recreation Complex "Laguna South" includes a small petting zoo, where your children will become familiar with rabbits, help feed the goat, donkey, ferrets, raccoons, gophers, badgers, foxes, and other interesting animals.On the river live domestic geese, who will gladly accept a gift in the form of bread crumbs.

Summer holidays

Ideal detachment from worldly things - a walk in the forest to pick mushrooms and berries, to breathe fresh air and listen to the birds.The local pine forest is light and clean, composed of conifers and birches.In addition, the "Lagoon South" at the Gorky Sea give you an unforgettable water adventure, from swimming and water park, and ending with a stroll through the reservoir on the yacht.

On the water surface you will find many more entertainment.Skiing, bananas and scooters makes holiday bright and unforgettable.Open all year round pendant town that attracts both children and adults.It is a climbing wall, and a maze of suspension bridges.Bottom tight security safety net that will catch gently plucked.

Territory stylized Russian village with mills, bridges, small creeks and lush flower beds, so evening walks will bring a lot of fun.

Winter holiday

winter, the river runs south of ice circuit.You want to take a course of extreme driving?There is a great opportunity to try it!Instructors will show you the basics of ice fishing, ride snowmobiles and winter "banana".Snowy slopes are ideal for skiing and flooded the rink opens the door wanting to skate.On cold days, very relevant hot bathhouse and swimming pool.

lessons for your children

for your kids provided service "caring nurse."With an experienced teacher can leave the child without fear and have a good time in the second half.

interesting activities in the "House Masters" will fascinate older kids.Every day held a variety of activities: painting, sculpture, painting on wood and the manufacture of handicrafts.

The game room can be plenty of fun in the pool with balls or build a huge house of soft designers.In summer, children ride on roller skates and bicycles, in winter - skiing, ice skating and snowmobiling.Every evening discos, and in the afternoon an animated presentation.

On the holidays here offer a children's camp.Great outdoor activities give children "Lagoon South".Nizhny Novgorod is famous for its beautiful nature, vast forests and immense reservoirs.Memorable children's birthday parties are held here.

Weddings at the Gorky Sea

same type ceremony in restaurants for a long time all tired, but this offers a completely exclusive services.Registration of marriage on the beach under the splendid arch, banquet in the open air, romantic walk on a yacht or a balloon flight - all of which can provide you with the base "South Laguna."Reviews couples who performed here their most important day, filled with heartfelt thanks.So many warm moments impossible to survive, noting a wedding in the city.

room for young decorate with a special taste.All the days spent here after the wedding, the abundance of colors and crisp white decor of rooms will be reminded of the bright day.

«Lagoon South": how to get

The easiest way - is to travel by train.If your city is not of direct flights to Nizhny Novgorod, then choose the direction with a change in Moscow.

situation is similar to the regular bus: all the nearest towns are connected direct connections to Nizhny Novgorod.For those who appreciate the time and did not want to spend much time on the road, there are airlines.

Excellent motorways make it possible to safely ride in his car.From Moscow can be reached in about 5-6 hours.With parking for transport problems will not be.

South - a navigable river, so it is possible to reach by boat or yacht.

Rest in the recreation center "Laguna South" - is an unlimited amount of entertainment, great food, comfortable rooms and professional staff.If you decide to spend your holiday in Russia, the best place to find.