Sanatorium "Khilovo" (Pskov region) reviews.

Resort "Khilovo" located on the ancient land of the blessed Pskov.A man is healing effects of all - and the water and the air and the earth.Unparalleled beauty with towering silhouettes of ancient temples, thick forests and vast steppes gave numerous bends of rivers and running surface of the lake - here treats nature itself!


on a hilly plain, on the banks of the River Ouse, cordially opened its doors to all comers sanatorium "Khilovo."Pskov region is characterized by a temperate continental climate with certain elements of the sea.Winter is moderately mild, in January the temperature drops to the level of -8 ° C.Summers are warm, but not hot.The average temperature in July +17,5 ° C.Wind dominated south-east and south.Sanatorium "Khilovo" - an area of ​​unique natural healing sources and a team of highly qualified specialists.Because of this health resort deservedly is the largest and most popular resort on the north-west of the country.Sanatorium Khilovo in the Pskov region is designed

for 694 seats and is ready to accept its guests all year round.

program resort

Sanatorium "Khilovo," the official website which -, offers everyone to spend their holidays with health benefits.For recreation the resort has beneficial effects on the entire human body: it strengthens the immune system, prevents diseases and exacerbations.Curative resources bestowed by nature, allow the best the therapy of diseases and rehabilitation.Visitors can find a wide range of sanatorium treatment and prevention services, a balanced diet, comfortable accommodation and exciting pastime. Entertainment:

  • numerous excursion programs.
  • new dance hall.
  • video clubs.
  • Hall for sharing movies.
  • Music Salon.
  • entertainment.
  • Concerts and evenings.

Business services:

  • equipped modern conference hall.
  • Seminars.

Additional services:

  • Beauty salon.
  • hairdresser.
  • Sauna.
  • Manicure and pedicure rooms.
  • Tickets.
  • Wi-Fi access.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Stand "Rospechat"
  • Post Office.
  • rental in.
  • Guarded parking (fee).
  • Street cafe.
  • Office Savings Bank.
  • Bar.
  • Shops.
  • Gift Shop.

Sanatorium "Khilovo" Pskov region also offers a wealth of recreational programs for adults and children from 4 to 18 years.Using natural methods of recovery, there is a good treat diseases listed below.

Pathology of the locomotor system

This group can include:

  • arthritis, polyarthritis tubercular origin;
  • residual manifestations of rheumatic fever, caused by heart failure (degree to I);
  • rheumatoid arthritis before the II degree;
  • deforming arthrosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • implications of joint damage;
  • spine disease tubercular origin;
  • ankylosing spondylitis (spondylosis, osteochondrosis, ankylosing spondylitis);
  • diseases of muscles, bones, tendons;
  • hypoporosis;
  • calluses (in the absence of a false joint);
  • osteitis, periostitis, bursitis, tenosynovitis, periarthrosis, contracture;
  • negematogenny osteomyelitis (in the event that does not require surgery).

nervous system

When using physiotherapy efficient adjustment of yield following the pathology of this group:

  • Diseases of the nervous system (peripheral) - arthritis, sciatica, ralikulonevrit, sciatica, lumbalgia, sciatica, neuritis, polyneuritis,facial neuritis, ternary nerve, nerve damage limbs neyrofibromioma (without exacerbation).
  • diseases of the nervous system (autonomic) - polyneuritis, solarium, simpatoganglionit (after the acute phase).
  • Nerve damage - plexus injury, roots, nerve trunks (in the absence of surgical indications).
  • disease and the effects of damage caused by the central nervous system - the residual symptoms of encephalitis, arachnoiditis or encephalomyelitis (only after the acute phase, but not earlier than three months after the disease).
  • Effects of open or closed brain injury - in the first case, treatment in a sanatorium is possible only after 5-6 months.from the time of injury, in the second - 4 months.
  • Myelitis - 4 months after the end of the acute phase.
  • residual symptoms of poliomyelitis (acute) - 3-6 months.after the acute phase.
  • cerebral arteriosclerosis (regularly occurring circulatory disorders in the brain or moderate) - after 3-4 months.from the last attack.
  • pathology of the nervous system functional nature - neurasthenia and its hypo- and hypersthenic form;neurosis, neurosis and asthenic conditions, the syndrome of irritable weakness.
  • Vegetatativno vascular dysfunction caused by injury, infection or endocrine disorders.
  • Migraine in any form of manifestation.
  • cerebral palsy.

Circulatory system diseases

  • Neurodermite diffuse and limited.
  • Psoriasis widespread or limited to a regressive and stationary phase (in the event that the disease occurs in Arthropathic form, treatment is possible while maintaining joint function).
  • Lichen planus in the form of limited or widespread.
  • True or seborrheic dermatitis in a chronic form.
  • urticaria, pruritus.
  • Ichthyosis and keratosis limited or distribution stage.

gastrointestinal diseases

  • gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer and gastritis chronic course in remission.
  • cholecystitis in the remitting stage (without symptoms of jaundice), chronic hepatitis.
  • cholelithiasis, chronic pancreatitis (without regular manifestations).
  • Colitis and enterocolitis (except ulcer forms) chronicity, biliary dyskinesia.
  • Diseases of the stomach after surgery (not before 2-3 months).
  • Recovering from surgery on the biliary tract.


  • metroendometritis, inflammation of the uterus in the chronic form, deviation, causing disorders of the pelvis.
  • ovarian insufficiency (functional type) - infertility due to underdevelopment of the uterus, menopausal syndrome, or inflammation in the uterus and its appendages.
  • Chronic pelvioperitonit, periadneksit, perimeter parameters.


complex treatments, which offers resort "Khilovo" (Pskov region.) Also has a beneficial effect on the recovery of the body of man after he underwent urological diseases of any shape and etiologies, including chronicprostatitis.

Rehabilitation after injuries and occupational diseases

  • residual symptoms endured injuries of the nervous system (and the peripheral and central) - the consequences of TBI closed or open.Physiotherapy procedures in the sanatorium are possible after 3-4 obtain a closed injury and after 5-6 months.after receiving an open head injury or patchwork craniotomy.At the same time there should be no significant disturbances in the motor area, which does not allow the patient to move independently, for example paralysis.Also contraindication are increased intracranial and blood pressure, episodes of seizures, hypothalamic crises and psychiatric disorders.
  • residual symptoms endured injuries of the spine and spinal cord.Treatment in sanatoria is possible after 4-6 months after trauma or neurosurgical operations.The patient must be free of deep cuts, purulent-septic complications, vascular and neurotrophic disorders, motor system disorders and difficulty functioning of the pelvic organs.
  • Residual manifestations plexus trauma, nerve roots and trunks of the extremities (pain syndromes, vascular disorders).The direction of the sanatorium "Khilovo" probably not before 1.5-2 months after surgery or injury.The patient should be observed a positive trend in the recovery of functions.Prerequisite stay in motels as is the capacity to maintain themselves on their own and move around (with sensory and motor disorders).


idea to relax and at the same time improve their health at all times, it enjoyed great popularity.Such an option offers holiday resort "Khilovo."Pskov region is rich in medicinal natural resources, than not failed to take advantage of knowledgeable scientists and physicians.The epitome of their labors were new techniques aimed at the natural healing of the human body.For the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the health of its guests in the arsenal of the resort there are a number of different health programs and procedures.Particularly noteworthy are:

  • Balneotherapy - in other words, external treatment with mineral water.The beneficial effects on the human body is achieved thanks to the rich chemical composition, temperature, and provide it to the hydrostatic pressure.Therapeutic baths or showers with healthy water is very useful in disorders of the cardiovascular or musculoskeletal systems, diseases of internal organs, skin and nervous system.

  • hydrogen sulfide baths - thanks procedure improves microcirculation in the body.Increased blood flow in the liver, kidney, muscle, brain.This leads to a reduction of platelet aggregation and blood viscosity, a decrease in puffiness of perivascular tissue.The operating principle of the hydrogen sulphide bath is to increase the amount of reduced and oxidized proteins decreases, which leads to a reduction of the biosynthesis of cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism normalization mucopolysaccharides.This procedure provides an effective action in the treatment of ischemic heart disease, cerebral ischaemia, peripheral vascular disease and other disorders of the cardiovascular system.

And that's not the whole list of diseases that can help correct the natural resources "Khilovo" (spa).


There are several options.Coming to a sanatorium "Khilovo" of St. Petersburg can be a long-distance bus trip.Administration is carried out at 8:15 am from the bus station.His address - Quay Bypass channel, d. 36. Arrival in sanatorium "Khilovo" - 13:30.Time of return flight: departure from the resorts at 15:30 and arrives in St. Petersburg at 20:45.In addition, for the convenience of visitors, every Monday they meet transport resorts.Site sanatorium "Khilovo" contains the exact flight schedule of the bus.If necessary, you can arrange a meeting and on other days and times and to make an application.To do this, you can call the "Khilovo" (spa).


vacationers annually in health resort attracts a lot of visitors.During the entire existence of the resort huge flows of people have already managed to get through the sanatorium "Khilovo."Official site of the resort has all the necessary information that may be helpful to its guests to decide on their choice of destinations or treatment.And, of course, of particular interest are the impressions that divided people visited here.Many of them, having experienced the charm of all the healing power of nature, and again returned to "Khilovo."Sanatorium (former patient reviews confirm it) is considered one of the best medical institutions of the region.