Lake Chelkar.

Among reservoirs Kazakhstan has a lake with the same name - Shalkar (Chalkar, Chelkar).One of them is in the West Kazakhstan Oblast (WKO), the other - in North Kazakhstan (SKO).Another small lake is located south-west of the same city Chelkar in Aktobe region.Transcription titles in 2000 changed to Shalkar.This is the Kazakh word means "big", "huge".Steppe wind picks up in the surface of the lakes waves with white foam head that resembles a sea space.

Chelkar Lake - the sea in the steppes of western Kazakhstan

natural body of water located in West Kazakhstan region, in the south-east Terektinsky district, south of the city of Uralsk.Mysteries of the steppe sea occupy the minds of researchers, and the originality of nature, clean air, clear water and the soft warm sandy beaches attract thousands of tourists to its shores.

The lake is about 18 km, width - 14 km.Hollow oval shape slightly elongated from north to south.The average depth of the reservoir - 5 m, the maximum distance to the bottom - 1

8 meters. The surface of the lake is at around 17 meters from the level of the oceans, and its origin is much controversy.Some scientists believe the deepening Hvalynski traces of ancient sea gradually recedes and preserved within the Caspian Sea.

the lake Chelkar (photos presented in the article) is fed by two rivers - the Big and Small Ankaty.Follows only one - Salt dries the influx of the Urals.Basin filled with clean and clear water underground sources, reminiscent of sodium chloride composition of the Black Sea.Mineralization varies by season, with an average of 14 mg / l, the reaction - is slightly alkaline (pH 8,5).Water and sediments contain components that have health benefits.

How to get to the lake Chelkar.Holidays on the steppe sea

Tourists have chosen area on the south bank of the village Saryumir Shalkar District Terektinsky area.The area lies to the south-east of the administrative center of West Kazakhstan Oblast (WKO).This area - historically an important link between the Old World and Asian part of the continent.In ancient times there passed the Great Silk Road caravan.

Modern transportation altered, dominates rail, road, air.The lake is Chelkar paved roads.Along the route Uralsk - Chelkar distance of approximately 75 km.

stopping tourists in boarding houses on the shore, where available the benefits of civilization.On the coast, vacationers can rent a tent to sleep and feel the ancient nomads of the Great Silk Road.Steppe plants exude a spicy flavors in the air, the banks piled stones bizarre, sometimes covered with fine sand, gently sloping down to the water.Its temperature in midsummer reaches 24 ° C.

Nature Lake Chelkar (WKO)

the south and north of the lake is bordered by hills Chelkar Sasai and Santas.The second array is the regional geological and botanical monument.Features of the territory - the presence of solonetz and high salinity of groundwater.In these difficult conditions grow endemic species of flora, kaltsefity adapted to life on the limestone deposits.On the southern shore of the lake, opposite the village Saryumir there sandbank, its length is 8 km.There are fishermen to catch carp, bream, pike, perch and other fish species.Rich world of birds of the lake, its shores inhabited by many species of mammals characteristic of the steppe zone.

Ecology of Lake Shalkar

In July 2014 there was a short-term turbidity and pollution of the coast greenish mud caused by natural processes.The incident reflected the mood of tourists who wanted to visit the lake Chelkar.The recreation area was cleared quickly, but many travelers do not dare to go to the pond, not knowing the causes of natural phenomena.Pollution proved short-lived, and the very fact of it confirms the need for further research and conservation of the lake.In recent years, its level decreases, it took a lot of water after the quake.

Infrastructure problems

Benefits of rest on the coast lie in the extraordinary properties of the lake water and air, have bactericidal and regenerating effect.Some tourists are comfortable with the fact that the yurt to accommodate all guests and food items on the coast is not enough to everyone to visit the lake Chelkar (Kazakhstan).The recreation center is in need of improvement works on the beach, landscaping, upgrading of access roads that during the rain becomes impassable.There are campers that the current low level of intrusive service is considered a temporary phenomenon, hoping for better conditions.

Will the "pearl of the Urals" resort of the international level?

Travel to the coastal zone of Lake Chelkar is paid.There are several forms of entertainment, including - trips on a catamaran, boating, horseback riding.The number of tourist services will increase significantly after the establishment of recreational areas on the coast of the international level.As the press service of akim of the region, the first phase of the power will be engaged in the development of regional tourism (2020).As a result, rest on Chelkar should become more comfortable and versatile.

Lakeside planned construction of hotels, campsites, summer houses that can be rented.The new road will connect the regional center and the coast.The first stage is completed the creation of the health complex and the final - the commissioning of an object of international tourism (2050).Will be built a ski resort and mud baths using local peloids.

Shalkar in North Kazakhstan region

Aiyrtau To the east is Lake District RMS Chelkar (photos presented in the article).Name of the water is now customary to use in accordance with the traditions of the Kazakh language (Shalkar).The length of the basin stretched in west-east direction, is 12 km, width - over 3 km, maximum depth - 15 m. Power Lake - spring waters and snow.Because the reservoir is not no river flows, it undrained, its chloride-sodium composition resembles seawater.

swings relief around the lake - from the steppe to the foothills of the mountains of medium height (1500 m).The flora is dominated by steppe and steppe vegetation.Islets of forests are pine forests, steppe areas - feather-forb "sea".Typical representatives of fauna - ungulates (wild boar, elk, deer, reindeer Askaniyskoy).There are rabbits, squirrels, predators (steppe polecat, Korsak, weasel, wolf, fox).

Coast South Lake above, are exposed rocky ledges covered with mainly coniferous vegetation.On the southeast shore open gentle slopes to the water and sandy beaches.The neck portion pereuzina separates large and small Shalkar.The width of this small spills is 200 meters. In the lake there are fishing fish: perch, carp, carp and other species.

holiday season on Lake Shalkar

Medicinal properties of water, good opportunities for recreation and fishing lake Chelkar glorified.Recreation "Springs", "Turpan", "Miner", "Safe Haven", "The Pearl" and others are taking tourists visiting this blessed corner.Resort is located at a distance of 70 km from the city of Kokshetau (Akmola region).Peak tourism around the lake is in the summer, and the season ends in early October.The sandy beach in front of the village Aiyrtau begins to fill with vacationers end of May.In the village on the lands of the private sector set up guest houses, host local and foreign tourists.

Turquoise lake, mountain springs, clean air, sand and steppe pine forest - all this attracts tourists.To the beach on the coast right up moving mixed coniferous-small-leaved forests.Nice to take a refreshing dip in the salt water and enjoy the beauty of the beaches, take advantage of opportunities for active recreation and health.Hostels no shortage of willing to spend time on the lake Chelkar (map shows the location of recreation facilities on the coast).

Base and holiday homes

tower on the waterfront stone building vacation homes have campgrounds, campsites, which is very important for property owners of vehicles arriving at the lake Chelkar (Kazakhstan).The recreation center "Miner" is located next to the rocky island.Other offices are located adjacent to the lake lagoons.Tourists are accommodated in rooms of stone multistory buildings, cottages, in summer houses.Most of the buildings are in the forests, moving to the coast.

the south-eastern shore of Lake Chelkar is two-storey building, bungalow, 12 bungalow holiday home "Springs".The distance from here to the city of Kokshetau is 70 km to Omsk - 480 km.The main building has a café, where all meals organized vacationers.Come to the lake and stay in a holiday home tourists who want to swim in the crystal clear water and take advantage of the healing properties of sediments (mud).Outside the bathing season in a rest home "springs" and other facilities on the coast do not accept tourists.

Sanatorium "Shalkar Su»

The sanatorium "Shalkar Su" treat and deal with disease prevention of respiratory, musculoskeletal and nervous systems.Used physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine.Clear water lake has healing properties, particularly useful for skin diseases.Used for peloids procedures Borowski field and healing clay, the reserves of which are located in the southern part of Lake Shalkar.Lake Chelkar - is a set of natural factors of improvement:

  • clean air of pine forests;
  • volatile and smells of pine oils, resins;
  • lake water, similar in composition to the sea;
  • mud.

resorts guests can go on a fascinating walking tours of the area, take a ride on a catamaran.A sanatorium "Shalkar Su" only in the summer.

Lake Chelkar in MSE.Recreation and Entertainment

summer, many water activities are available.You can rent a boat, catamaran, go sailing on a yacht.Children like a waterslide and the adults do not mind a dip in the pool with water from the lake, take advantage of saunas, spas, sports facilities.

For tourists are organized boat trips, walking and bus tours.The route of travel of the water runs along the southern shore of the pond - part of the national natural park "Kokshetau" (located in the Akmola region and North Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)).Lake Chelkar, rest on its coast is particularly remembered for tourists who have visited the sand bar and pereuzinu, surrounded by mountain forests south shore.

Routes many excursions are on the North-Kazakhstan region, rich in natural scenic sites, monuments of archeology, history, national culture of the Kazakh people.In this area, located 3,000 salt and freshwater.In Aiyrtau area visitors can view the memorial Karasai and Agyntai, Petropavlovsk - Regional History Museum, Mosque and the Orthodox churches.